The Universe Story: From Big Bang to Today

with author Betty Kissilove
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Start off the Bay Area Science Festival with a bang! Join local author Betty-Ann Kissilove in a group reading of Great Ball of Fire! A Poetic Telling of the Universe Story. For readers from 8 to 80, this beautifully illustrated book tells in verse the story of the Big Bang, the formation and emergence of life on Earth in the seas & on land, reptiles, birds, mammals and the first humans, repeated extinctions, and the rise of humans. Experience the awe and wonder of science as we gain perspective on our origins and place in the universe, journeying through the 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang to the present -- for we too are parts of this unfolding story!

No signups required.The book's website: Autographed copies of the book will be available, plus schedules for other Bay Area Science Festival events between Oct. 26 and Nov. 3.

Este es un evento de Ecología (Green Stacks).

Join us for all things about literature.

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