Art created by the staff at SFPL
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The Art, Music and Recreation Center of the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) is pleased to present an exhibition of original artworks created by library staff who work in library branches, departments and locations across the city.

We at SFPL are deeply committed and work diligently to provide a library that is accessible to all people. We present hundreds of free programs every month as well as maintain a collection of materials whose breadth and depth reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of San Francisco.

In our spare time, many of us pursue creative endeavors which include the visual, conceptual and performing arts. More than 65 people have submitted artwork to this first-time staff exhibit. Included are photography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, etchings, prints, papier mache/decoupage, fiber art, artists’ books, and videos to name a few. Some of us define ourselves as artists. Some of us have advance degrees in various disciplines including art. Many of us are self-taught. All of us have a creative side and we are very excited to have the opportunity to share it with the public and each other.

Come see what the talented staff of the library do when they're not at work!

Special thanks to our Exhibitions department for their support.

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