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If you want to be the #1 influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility.  Jill Lublin shares simple strategies to help you go from unknown to newsworthy. Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media wants, Jill provides you with short-term, doable tactics that boost visibility for you and your brand.

- Proven secrets to understand what the media outlets want

- Get instant, actionable techniques that will boost your visibility.

- Learn how to drive prospects to your door and profits to your pockets!

Jill A. Lublin is an internationally renowned speaker on the topics of publicity and networking.  As author of her best-selling books Profit of Kindness, Get Noticed...Get Referrals, and co-author of the best-sellers Guerrilla Publicity, and Networking Magic, Jill is a master strategist on how to capture the attention of the media and increase your visibility in the marketplace.

SUcuento, nuestra celebración del Mes de la Historia de la Mujer.

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