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Poetry, short stories, plays, novels, history, philosophy, science, classics that are worthy of discussion, current and past, western and non-western -- these are the works we discuss. The discussion is what is most important. We discuss these works to enlarge our understanding of the ideas that shape our culture and gain a deeper appreciation for what it means to be human. Join us!  See the reading schedule for 2019 below. (Our current anthology is What's the Matter?: Readings in Physics.)

For more information or to obtain a copy of an upcoming reading, please contact Brian Cunningham: or (415) 567-1457.

2019 Reading List

Jan. 3: "The Uncertainty of Science" (10 pages) by Richard Feynman

Feb. 7: "The Science of Nature" (7 pages) and "Moving Things" (4 pages) by Aristotle

Mar. 7: "Falling Bodies and Projectiles" (14 pages) by Galileo

Apr. 4: "Forces" (4 pages), "Laws of Motion" (3 pages), "Time, Space and Motion" (5 pages) and "Rules of Doing Philosophy" (3 pages) by Isaac Newton

May 2: "Entropy: The Running Down of the Universe" (13 pages) by Arthur Eddington

Jun. 6: "Extending the Theories of Physics" (10 pages) by Max Planck

Jul. 11 (instead of July 4 Holiday): "The Special Theory of Relativity" (19 pages) by Albert Einstein

Aug. 1: "The General Theory of Relativity" (12 pages) by Albert Einstein

Sep. 5: "E = mc2" by Albert Einstein

Oct. 3: "Quantum Uncertainty" (15 pages) by George Gamow

Nov. 7: "The Origin of the Universe" (10 pages) by Steven Weinberg

Dec. 5: "Black Holes and Predictable Worlds" (14 pages) by Stephen Hawking


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