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The class on Sunday September 1, 2019 has been cancelled.

Dekui Chinese Calligraphy Club

Chinese calligraphy is the art treasure of the Chinese Nationality which can be traced back to the late Shang Dynasty (about 1200-1050 BC). Over the millennia, Chinese characters have evolved into well-developed styles of Chinese calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy is not only a form of aesthetically pleasing writing, but also a phenomenal explosion of the writer’s emotions, value, spirit, and philosophy, unleashing immense waves of energy by means of subconscious brush strokes, arranging simple ink lines on infinite seas of white paper, and changing nothingness into raw magic.

In the Dekui Chinese Calligraphy Club, we will learn famous Chinese calligraphy works of Liu Gongquan (Tang Dynasty), Yan Zhenqing (Tang Dynasty), Zhao Mengfu (Yuan Dynasty), and Wang Xizhi (Jin Dynasty), historically the most famous Chinese calligraphy masters. We also welcome kids and teenagers to join us: we have a special practice resource for them to learn, Thousand Character Classic, a Chinese poem that has been used as a primer since the sixth century.  If you are a Buddhist or a Buddhist amateur, we also have Diamond Sutra for you to practice.

We will learn three different styles, with 8-10 sessions for Regular script, 4-6 sessions for Clerical script, and 6-8 sessions for Semi-cursive script.

We will learn and practice one ancient poem quarterly and try to align the content of the poems with a season or holiday. Let's embrace this cultural heritage by appreciating the beauty of this ancient art form. Let the ancient calligraphy masters guide us to an eternal journey inside our human soul. All are welcomed! No prerequisite needed.

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