*Death and Dying: Program 6

At the Threshold of Death: Words and Song
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What do people say when they're dying? Lisa Smartt, linguist and author of Words at the Threshold: What We Say as We’re Nearing Death, will talk about her research, which opens the discussion of whether there is life after death. Her work marks a new way of understanding the process of dying and gives us clues as to how we can best live our lives on earth.

What do people want to hear when they're dying?  Kate Munger, founder of Threshold Choir, celebrates 19 years of singing to the terminally ill. She will talk about how she created Threshold Choir, which has grown into a network of over 220 a cappella choirs worldwide, a community whose mission is to sing to comfort those who are dying.

Please join Lisa Smartt and Kate Munger, who will talk about how their work affects those at the threshold of death. Book sale and signing follows program.

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This is a Wise Up! program for learning and living well at any age. Activities for seniors and older adults.

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