*Reception: Standing on the Mountain Top

Afrosolo Arts Festival 25
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Artists from the group art exhibit Standing on the Mountain Top, currently on view in the African American Center, speak about their work and visions of utopia. 

Standing on the Mountaintop is a metaphorical journey to "utopia" seen through the works of the artists within the exhibition. The journey is about self-perseverance, determination, faith, struggles and obstacles thrown one's way reaching the mountain of "utopia." On the Mountain, dreams and aspirations become real and tangible. Many sensations are experienced and what one feels and sees cannot be described in words but through pure artistic expression from the liberated soul to embrace. The experience and reality resonates a new dawn for people of African Descent.   

— Robert Melton, Curator 

The exhibit is on view through November 14 and includes artwork by Charles Blackwell, Larry Byrd, Gene Dominique, Danielle Matthews, Aléxandra Nuñez, Thomas Robert Simpson, and Eustinove Smith.

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*Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

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