Stress Release Yoga

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How many of us don’t listen to our body’s wisdom sometimes? We go go go until one day we're wondering, “Why am I hurting all over and feeling bad?” One of the countless benefits of yoga is that it teaches us how to slow down our minds and pay more attention to our bodies and our hearts. There’s a wealth of information in there, yet most of us don’t pay attention. When we practice yoga, we get to learn more about ourselves and those internal signals.

This a gentle beginner’s class with some variations for different levels of practitioners. Non-English speaking students are welcomed since the postures will be demonstrated so students can follow along.

You will learn some yoga postures (asanas) and mindfulness tools to stay more focused, more calm, and build more resilience and courage to navigate whatever life events you encounter.


About the instructor:

Visitacion Valley native Sasanna Yee is a bilingual (Cantonese and English) yoga teacher who is passionate about health and wholeness on all levels.  Her own yogic journey began over 10 years ago when she was looking to heal chronic pain and mental health challenges. She has found it possible to experience more peace, joy and freedom in mind, body, and spirit.  She received formal training from Niroga Yoga Institute in Oakland, CA and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in India.  She teaches yoga through the lens of access and trauma providing therapeutic support to underserved and underrepresented communities such as at-risk and immigrant populations.  By giving people the tools to connect deeper with themselves and each other, Sasanna firmly believes we can heal core wounds, build resilience and transform lives. The ripples are infinite.  For more information, please visit:

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星期一, 2019年6月24日, 2:00 pm
Visitacion Valley 分館, Visitacion Valley 分館會議室
Biblio Bistro
星期二, 2019年6月25日, 4:00 pm
Main 總圖書館, Mix - Maker - 2nds Floor
Cooking Demo: Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls
星期二, 2019年6月25日, 6:30 pm
Presidio 分館, Presidio 分館會議室



星期二, 2019年7月2日, 2:00 pm
Bayview 分館, Bayview 會議室
Life Skills - Food Prep Basics
星期五, 2019年7月12日, 3:00 pm
Parkside 分館, Parkside 分館青少年室