Fresh Play Sunday Reading Series

"Freezer Burn" by Cassidy Kepp
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graphicOn Sunday, December 1, enjoy a dramatic reading of Freezer Burn, a brand-new play by the playwright Cassidy Kepp, presented by acclaimed theater director Kayla Minton Kaufman and featuring talented local actors. Freezer Burn is an explosive existentialist drama that poetically tells the story of a woman addressing her own self-doubt in order to obtain justice.

Cassidy Kepp is a feminist playwright who is dedicated to giving voice to under-represented stories.

Kayla Minton Kaufman, currently based in San Francisco, has worked in institutions across the nation, from American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco to Portland Stage in Maine. In directing her new Fresh Play Sunday Reading Series, Kaufman says she loves “work that celebrates diversity, provokes discussion, and makes audiences laugh or cry (or just remember how to be human).”

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