Author Talk: Gerald Nicosia

Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century
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In his latest book Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century, Gerald Nicosia takes a comprehensive look at Jack Kerouac’s legacy and how he went from a fading leader of beatniks, with most of his books out of print, to the pinnacle he occupies today, universally considered one of the top American writers of the twentieth century.

Nicosia remains one of the great champions of Kerouac’s work but he also looks at the dark side of that legacy.  He examines the family that controls Kerouac’s estate and how they gained that benefit by virtue of a forged will, an incredible story that has been kept under wraps for a decade.  The book also looks at what happened to Jack's real family, his daughter Jan and his sister Caroline's family and at posthumous publications as well as the fate of his archives.

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