Visual Presentation: Mission Dolores Public Mural

Bringing San Francisco's Oldest Mural to Light
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In this presentation, artist, historian, and storyteller Ben Wood presents his work on the rediscovery of the Mission Dolores Mural.

Mission San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores) is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco. Hidden behind the great altar in the old mission church is a mural painted by Indian Neophytes in 1791. Ben Wood and Eric Blind rediscovered and digitally documented the mural in 2004.

In 2011 their digital documentation was transformed into a physical public mural in the heart of the Mission District. In collaboration with muralists Jet Martinez, Bunnie Reiss & Ezra Eismont the 18th century mural was recreated just blocks away from the hidden original at Mission Dolores.

The mural is a permanent fixture on Bartlett Street and can be viewed on the exterior of the Mission Market Building at 85 Bartlett Street near the corner of Bartlett and 22nd Street. It was a collaboration with the Mission Community Market (MCM) on Bartlett Street. MCM is a weekly, outdoor event that celebrates the neighborhood's diversity with fresh foods, local small businesses, and youth activities.

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