El Tecolote: a retrospective

longest running bilingual newspaper
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Editor-in-Chief Alexis Terrazas will give a visual presentation on the history of the longest-running Spanish/English bilingual newspaper in California, El Tecolote. This community-driven newspaper circulates 10,000 newspapers biweekly (daily online).

El Tecolote newspaper began as a project in a La Raza Studies class at San Francisco State University. Prof. Juan Gonzales created the class as a way to channel more Latinos into journalism. In the 1970s, Latinos and other people of color were virtually invisible in the major newsrooms. The first paper came out on August 24, 1970.

From the beginning, El Tecolote has been a community effort, powered by donations and a staff of dedicated volunteers. El Tecolote is a member of the San Francisco Neighborhood Newspaper Association and a founding member of New America Media, a national network of ethnic news media.

“Given the lengthy and important history of ethnic, community and independent media in this country, it’s an honor to continue the legacy of this newspaper. We could not do this without the support of our community and dedicated volunteers.” – Alexis Terrazas, El Tecolote Editor-in-Chief.

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