Ant Farm Video (1971 - 1976)

Ant Farm on video, part 2
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As a follow-up to our June program "The Long Goodbye to the Automobile" with artist Chip Lord of Ant Farm, this month we will be presenting two video programs on the work of this San Francisco radical architecture group. Part 1, a documentary on August  21, and this, Part 2...

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Part 2: Ant Farm Video - Weds., August 28, 6:30pm

1971 - Inflatables Illustrated (21 min.) - Curtis Schreier and Allan Rucker produced this table-top tape in a kitchen in San Francisco. Curtis demonstrates techniques for low-tech inflatables.

1972/2000 - Time Capsule (6 min.) - The Time Capsule was commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston and contained in a refrigerator. It was designed to be opened in 1984, but wasn't unsealed until 2000.

1974/1994 - Cadillac Ranch (14 min.) - The public art installation and sculpture Cadillac Ranch is documented and discussed at its 20th birthday party, just west of Amarillo, Texas. Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels each describe the culture and history of Cadillac Ranch.

1975 - Media Burn (23 min.) - A space age Cadillac crashes through a pyramid of television sets at the Cow Palace. This landmark performance was a year in the making, with scores of volunteers and a poignant performance by the "Artist-President." A classic of video art.

1976 - OFF-AIR Australia (21 min.) - This 1976 lecture tour included talk show appearances, media performances, and an avant-opera. CAR-men: The Auto Opera, was performed in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Special thanks to Chip Lord for this program!

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