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Series 6: Having your health and wealth, and transferring it: November 1
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Financial Foundation Series with
Sikander Lodhi and Brad Hamada. 
 All programs at the Library are free. All are welcome to attend any or all workshops. This 2019 series at SF Main Library, 5th floor, Learning Studio, Fridays from 3-5 PM.  Please register.

Series 6) Having your health and wealth, and transferring it:   November 1
In this concluding workshop, we discuss the looming healthcare epidemic, how to manage the costs through a proper understanding of the health care system.  Lastly, we discuss how to preserve the estate we have spent our entire lives building.

This is a Wise Up! program for learning and living well at any age. Activities for seniors and older adults.

This is a Business & Personal Finance program from SFPL. This series brings you programs to enhance your financial well being and business skills.

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