Toddler Tales Session II

Event detail

Join us for Toddler Tales in the program room, and come for playtime before the program in the Children's Area. Storytime will last approximately 20-25 minutes. Space is limited.

 Tickets for this storytime are handed out at the library's entrance around 9:55 am. Any tickets left will be handed out at the Information Desk after the branch opens at 10:00 am. Storytime door closes at 10:50 am and opens again around 11:15 am after the program.



Toddler Tales & Playtime
星期一, 2019年9月16日, 10:15 am
Merced 分館, Merced 公眾範圍
Toddler Tales
星期一, 2019年9月16日, 10:15 am
Marina 分館, Marina 分館兒童活動室
Toddler Tales and Playtime
星期一, 2019年9月16日, 10:15 am
Glen Park 分館, Glen Park 分館會議室