*Ancestral Medicine and Apothecary

with Batul True Heart
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Batul True Heart will lead a discussion in reclaimning ancestral medicine, Curanderismo and cultural responsibility.

Batul True Heart (they/she) is a queer, two-spirit, indigenous, mestizx (Yaqui/Panamanian/Spanish) Curanderismo practitioner with an emphasis on moving stuck emotional winds or "aires". Batul is also an educator, speaker and writer on the topics of ancestral reclamation and remembrance and cultural responsibility. Since 2016, Batul has been lead teacher of The Curanderx’s Toolkit class at Ancestral Apothecary in Ohlone Territory/Oakland, CA. Batul recently completed three years of formal clinical herbalism studies and is inspired to combine clinical intakes with traditional healing ways. After growing up disconnected from their ancestral lineages, traditions, and medicines and finding their way back home through the healing path of their ancestors. Batul's life's work is to usher and support people in general, and indigenous and queer folks in particular, to return to their ancestral roots, remembering who they truly are.

Batul True Heart

請參加圖書館為期一個月為記念本地和原住民聲音的慶祝活動 - 第一民:尊重本地和原住民文化。

在2019年,我們正在閱讀 There There Tommy Orange 著作
欲了解更多詳情, 請瀏覽: 一城一書.


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展覽: 佔領惡魔島之前
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Main 總圖書館, 政府資訊中心
至 星期四, 2020年1月2日
Main 總圖書館, 天窗畫廊
至 星期四, 2020年1月2日
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