Nat Pwe: Burma's Carnival of Spirit Soul (2004)

World Music Documentary
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In Burma, many people believe in ghost spirits called NATs. They are said to possess the power to assist or devastate the lives of those who recognize them. A PWE is a ceremony held to appease a Nat. Since the 11th century, there have been 37 officially recognized Nats and every August, in the village of Taungbyon, there is a festival dedicated to two of them. This festival is one of the greatest spectacles on earth. At the peak of the Taungbyon celebration, there exists a vibe of mysterious, electric charm. What results is the magnetic, unexplainable concoction of conservative tradition, free expression, music, dance, spirit possession, and anomalous synchronicities of Burma's CARNIVAL OF SPIRIT SOUL.

No longer available on DVD.
This program made possible with the kind permission of Sublime Frequencies.

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