*Gallery Talk: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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San Francisco artist Kaytea Petro will share about her process and other works during the gallery talk near the exhibition All That Glitters Is Not Gold. Ms. Petro has been using San Francisco Public Library’s photograph archive as source materials for illustrations and sculptures for over ten years. During this time, Petro has created a collection of ink drawings based on the images in the archive, and recently developed a hibiscus ink  that is ideal for drawing historic photos.

Kaytea Petro’s Biography

Kaytea Petro was born and raised in San Francisco, attended University of California, Santa Cruz, the Sichuan Academy of Art and the Florence Academy of Art. She is a sculptor and illustrator, and shows her work in the United States and China. She’s a member of Cyclecide Bike Rodeo, City Arts Cooperative Gallery and Red Brick Studios.

Kaytea Petro Artist Statement

I am deeply interested in the context of our human lives - the historical, economic, social and cultural forces that have come together to craft our contemporary moment. I spend much of my free time researching history. Naturally, archaic ideas and untold stories find their way into all of my art.

I primarily work in two mediums: ink on paper and ceramic sculpture. I recently invented a hibiscus ink that has transformed my historical illustrations into something luminous; I use this ink for my “All that Glitters” series of historical illustrations. The ceramic sculptures in the “Monuments to the Might Have Been” series reimagine the history of the Americas through urban monuments.

圖書館豐富的資源讓您了解更多的 歷史 and 族譜研究

請參加圖書館為期一個月為記念本地和原住民聲音的慶祝活動 - 第一民:尊重本地和原住民文化。

在2019年,我們正在閱讀 There There Tommy Orange 著作
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