*Author: Abby Stein, Becoming Eve

My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman
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Abby Stein’s Hasidic community in Williamsburg believed that, as a tenth-generation descendant of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidic Judaism, she was destined to be a rabbinic leader. They also believed she was a boy. But Abby felt certain at a young age that she was a girl, and eventually orchestrated a personal exodus from ultra-Orthodox manhood to live as a woman—a radical choice that forced her to leave her home, her. family, and her way of life. Her new memoir, Becoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman, will be published by Seal Press in November.

Abby Stein is a Jewish educator, author, speaker, and activist. Since coming out as a woman, she has worked to raise support and awareness for transgender rights and for those leaving ultra-Orthodoxy. Stein was named by The Jewish Week as one of the “36 under 36” Jews who are inspiring change in the world, and served on the steering committee for the 2019 Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

Please note that this event takes place offsite, at the Jewish Community Library at 1835 Ellis Street between Pierce and Scott.

Free admission with free garage parking on Pierce St between Ellis and Eddy streets.

Organized and presented by the Jewish Community Library, with co-sponsorship by the Hormel LGBTQIA Center.

Becoming Eve by Abby Stein book cover

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