Ficción Urbana Actual de Interés Africano Americano

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Acting out
Little, Benilde

Without knowing exactly how it happened, sexy photographer and college rebel Ina Eleazar became a suburban, car-pooling, Prozac-popping housewife and mother of three. No wonder her husband Jay found himself a new love.

Also: Good Hair; The Itch; Who Does She Think She is?.


The story of a chiropractor and bank employee who struggle to find love in a world gone mad. Everything that can go wrong in the dating game, and the few things that can go right.

The Apostles
Moore, Y. Blak

The Apostle’s leader, "Solemn Shawn" Terson, is the most revered and feared man in Chicago. When Insane Wayne is turned down for admission to the gang, his reaction is violent.

Also: Slipping; Triple Take.

Bad girlz
Holmes, Shannon

A journey into the seedy world of strippers--a milieu of sex, money, and murder. How good girls who grew up in the harsh urbanscape of the Philly Badlands become bad girls.

Also: B-more Careful; Never Go Home Again.

The best-kept secret
Roby, Kimberla Lawson

Reverend Curtis Black--surely one of the cleverest ne’er-do-wells ever to step foot in a church, is starting over. He has a new job, a new wife (again), and a newfound will to follow the straight and narrow path of righteousness.

Also: Behind Closed Doors; Casting the First Stone; Changing Faces; Here and Now; It's a Thin Line; A Taste of Reality; Too Much of a Good Thing.

Between brothers
Robinson, C. Kelly

As the Ellis Community Center, a rare bright spot in a low-income Washington D.C., neighborhood struggles to keep its doors open, its last hope for survival lies with four housemates from a black university.

Also: No More Mr. Nice Guy; The One That Got Away; The Strong Silent Type.

Black : a street tale
Brown, Tracy

Kaia, an inner-city girl, is tossed from a broken home and forced to learn the hard way just how grimy the streets can be.

Also: Criminal Minded; Dime Piece.

Williams, KaShamba

Mona Foster is an ambitious teenager determined to escape a life of poverty and shame.

Also: At the Courts Mercy; Driven; Grimey.

True to the game
Woods, Teri

Gena finds herself in true blue love with Quadir, a millionaire associated with the cartel.

Also: Dutch; Dutch II; Deadly Reigns; Deadly Reigns II.

Boss lady
Tyree, Omar.

Rescued by now successful filmmaker Tracy, Vanessa finds herself immune to Hollywood’s parties and smooth-talking players. She tries to persuade Tracy to film Flyy Girl.

Also: Dairy of a Groupie; Flyy Girl; What They Want.

The Bridge
Jones, Solomon

Philadelphia Police Detective Kevin Lynch feels he has spent his whole life trying to put his past in the infamous projects known as The Bridge firmly behind him. But a frantic call for help from a childhood friend whose child has gone missing changes all that.

Also: C.R.E.A.M.; Pipe Dream; Ride or Die.

Brown Sugar; Brown Sugar 2; Brown Sugar 3
Taylor, Carol

Smart, sexy, and original short stories written by bestselling black writers you know and love.

Chocolate star
Copeland, Sheila

Chocolate stars are African-American twenty somethings in pursuit of celebrity. Restless and edgy, they are determined to trade their humble beginnings for outrageous success.

Also: Chocolate Affair; Diamond Life.

Chyna Black
Ervin, Keisha

I’m Chyna, Chyna Danea Black to be more exact. For you to fully understand me, you have to understand my past. You see, I’m every black girl growing up in the hood, and like most I got caught up in the life.

Also: Me and My Boyfriend; Mina's Joint.

Coffee will make you black
Sinclair, April

The story of an African-American woman growing up on the south side of Chicago during the turbulent 1960s as she tests the limits of racism.

Also: Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice; I Left My Back Door Open.

The coldest winter ever
Souljah, Sister

Winter, born into a wealthy drug-dealing family in the Brooklyn ghetto, grows up thinking of herself as the queen of the world, but things come crashing down.

Dating Games
Johnson, R.M.

An emotionally charged and riveting story of love, family, and revenge.

Also: Do You Take This Woman?; Father Found; The Harris Family; The Harris Men; Million Dollar Divorce; Love Frustration.

Distant lover
Mallette, Gloria

For 37-year-old Tandi Crawford, the past is a double-edged sword of both pleasure and pain. Each step closer to the truth will reveal its own secret, secrets that will forever change Tandi’s life.

Also: Honey Well; Promises to Keep; Shades of Jade; What's Done in the Dark.

Goines, Donald

A young African-American man and his girlfriend, both attractive and talented, are drawn into the nightmare of heroin addiction.

Also: Black Girl Lost; Whoreson; Eldorado Red.

Drama queen
Hunt, La Jill

Kayla Hopkins is young, beautiful, and can’t win for losing. Kayla’s not satisfied with just one man. She has two--one she’s in love with and another whom she’s pregnant by. Will Kayla see the disaster brewing before everything blows up in her face?

Also: Another Sad Love Song; No More Drama; Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda; Too Close For Comfort.

Dream in color
Johnson, Darlene

Victoria’s marriage is on the rocks, and she copes by daydreaming about fantasy men. Victoria develops a plan to create the reality that she’s always wanted.

Johnson, Mat

A man determined to break the pattern of the ghetto he despises must, in the process come to terms with his hatred for himself.

Also: Hunting in Harlem.

Every shut eye
Dixon, Collen

Funerary art has many expressions, but seldom is it as eye-catching and surprising as among the Ga, the dominant people of Accra and the surrounding region. Here a remarkable folk art of coffin-building has developed, combining remembrance, respect, humor and celebration. The coffin may take almost any form or shape, from eagle to Mercedes Benz, reflecting the occupation, status or character of the deceased.

Ex-girl to the next girl
Poole, Daaimah S.

Shonda thought she would be married by now to Malik, the man she stole from the altar. What she soon discovers, however, is that Malik is not all she thought, and marriage may not be either.

Also: What's Real; YoYo Love.


A 19-year-old extricates herself and her younger brother from the deadly control of her boyfriend, who is a sex club owner and powerful drug dealer.

Also: Candy Licker; Thug-a-licious.

A gangster's girl

The lure of easy money leads young Ceazia into a dangerous world of drugs, prostitution and murder.

Also: Married to the Game.

Dickey, Eric Jerome

Beautiful, independent "financial guru" Genevieve Forbes and her husband are by-products of broken families. When Genevieve’s grandmother dies, they return to her backwoods Alabama hometown for a reunion that stirs up old grudges, and sparks familial infighting.

Also: Between Lovers; Chasing Destiny; Cheaters; Drive Me Crazy; Friends and Lovers; Liar's Game; Milk in My Coffee.

Gotham diaries
Lee, Tonya Lewis

An uproarious work of social satire giving an exclusive peek into the world of super-rich, super-connected African Americans.

He Had It Coming
Spencer, Camika

Five women take delicious revenge on an arrogant male author. Also:

Also: Also: When All Hell Breaks Loose; Cubicles.

A hood legend
Martin, Victor

Fresh out of the Marines with only five grand in his pocket, Ménage’A is looking to make his presence felt on the extravagant, flossed-out streets of Miami.

Also: Menage's Way; Unique's Ending.

A hustler's wife
Turner, Nikki.

Sweet innocent Yarni, from a well-to-do family, falls for Richmond’s notorious drug kingpin, Des. She will learn being a hustler’s wife isn’t easy.

Also: Girls From Da Hood; Girls From Da Hood 2; The Glamourous Life; A Project Chick; Riding Dirty on I-95.

Imagine this
Stringer, Vickie M.

Pamela, a.k.a. Carmen, had it all but lost out when the love of her life left her penniless and alone to raise their son. She pulls herself up, becomes a major hustler in the street game -- but the consequences are more dreadful than she ever imagined.

Also: Let That Be The Reason; Dirty Red.

Imani all mine
Porter, Connie Rose

Tasha is a child mothering a child--spunky, sassy, brimming with the hopefulness and frank wisdom of youth despite her circumstances. The name she gives her daughter is a sign of her determination and fundamental trust: Imani means faith.

The interruption of everything
McMillan, Terry.

44-year-old Marilyn feels as if her life is spiraling out of control. She has a husband who is adrift in his career and is showing signs of having an affair. A pregnancy scare intensifies her need to define herself as a woman with her own identity.

Also: A Day Late and a Dollar Short; Disappearing Acts; How Stella Got Her Groove Back; Waiting to Exhale.

Poole, Jason

In this tale, jealousy turns to envy then to backstabbing for two friends who have struggled together, hustled together and endured separate prison terms.

The last king
Tramble, Nichelle D.

The story about Maceo Redfield, who after being away for two years, returns to Oakland to help out an old friend who is accused of murder.

Also: The Dying Ground: A Hip-Hop Noir Novel.

Leaving Atlanta
Jones, Tayari

It’s summer in Atlanta and black children are disappearing. By the time the heinous killing spree is over, 29 will be dead. This haunting menace provides the backdrop to stories of three children fighting the everyday battles of adolescence.

Also: The Untelling.

Leaving Cecil Street
McKinney-Whetstone, Diane

It is 1969 and Cecil Street is "feeling some kind of way," so the residents decide to have two block parties this year. These energetic, sensual street celebrations serve as backdrop to the stories of the people on the block.

Also: Blues Dancing; Tempest Rising; Tumbling.

Little black girl lost
Johnson, Keith Lee

A gangland chronicle set in 1950s New Orleans about a beautiful girl struggling to beat the odds and control her own fate.

Also: Fates Redemption; Honeymoon is Over; Little Black Girl Lost 2; Pretenses; Sugar & Spice.

Lookin' for luv
Weber, Carl

Three young African-American men have a lot going for them--except the love of a good woman. Kevin, Antoine, and Tyrone each call hotline 1-900-BLACK LUV and take a riotous trip through religious freaks, hootchie mamas, chicken heads, gold diggers, and some serious Brides of Frankensteins. Each man discovers that when they play the game of love, they've got to be ready for anything

Also: Baby Momma Drama; The First Lady; Married Men; Player Haters; The Preacher's Son; So You Call Yourself a Man.

Lovin' you is wrong
Yvonne, Alisha

Holiday Simmons, a successful financial analyst in Memphis, tries to discover what "real love" is by taking advantage of the affection of two former male colleagues. Roman Broxton and Lance Ferrell not only work for the same insurance company, but they happen to be best friends, sharing a common desire for one woman, Holiday Simmons.

Also: I Don't Wanna Be Right.

Mama black widow
Iceberg Slim

A fictional memoir of Otis Tilson, a drag queen who comes of age in the 1930s and 40s in the brutal ghettos of Chicago.

Also: Trick Baby.

Payback is a mutha
Clark, Wahida

The story of a woman who thinks she has everything, but who really has everything to lose--starting with her best friend and ending with her life.

Also: Thugs and the Women Who Love Them.

Peanut's Revenge
Jackson, Renay

Criminal kingpin Big Ed Tatum is released from jail after the only witness to his crime is murdered. When his rival Silky turns up dead, Silky’s woman, Melody Bordeaux (aka Peanut), vows revenge.


Precious Jones, a 16-year-old girl who is pregnant with her second child by her father, is pushed by her courageous African-American teacher to learn, to read and discovers an important truth about her life.

Road Dawgz

K-Dawg divides his time between Slater Village Boys Home and State Prison. K-Dawg decided that the world owed him something and when he left prison he was going to take it.

Also: Hoodlum; Gangsta: An Urban Tragedy; Street Dreams.

The sex chronicles

A collection of stories that probe women’s darkest passions and pushes the boundaries of erotic fiction.

Also: Addicted; Chocolate Flava; Caramel Flava: Gettin' Buck Wild; The Heat Seekers; Nervous; The Sisters of APF; Skyscraper.

Baker, T.N.

Epiphany Wright, Keisha Moore, and Shana Scott were best friends growing up in the hood of southside Jamaica Queens. Now as adults their friendship is put to the test when envy, hidden betrayal and the bad boys in their lives make it a struggle to keep it tight.

Also: Still Sheisty

She's Got Issues
Johnson, Stephanie

Sinclair and Aliette become friends despite the fact that Aliette was one of the many women bedded by Sinclair’s husband.

Also: Desperate Sisters; Rockin' Robin.

Shoe's on the otha' foot
Hayes, Hunter

In today’s Harlem, Leslie, 21, juggles a job as an apartment manager, night classes and her attraction to building contractor Benjamin. Her best friend, Rachelle, is a 35-year-old divorcee caring for her young children while dating two very different men.

Also: A Pair Like No Otha'.

Sittin' in the front pew
Brown, Parry "EbonySatin"

Death brings about strange emotions, and people’s true colors start to show as Glynda Naylor discovers when she gets the call that her father has died. What happens when his secret shows up for the funeral?

Also: Fanning the Flames; Just a Click Away; Love is Blind; The Shirt Off His Back; What Goes Around.

Somebody's gotta be on top
Morrison, Mary B.

Will Darius and his newly-appointed vice president, Fancy, work together in the bedroom as well as the boardroom?

Also: He's Just a Friend; Never Again Once More; Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This; Soul Mates Dissipate.

Sorority sisters
Butler, Tajuana

Butler writes with sensitivity and authenticity about class, friendship, self-discovery, sexuality, and love.

Also: Hand Me Down Heartache; Just My Luck; The Night Before Thirty.

Street Life

Jihad’s rise to the top of the drug game, his subsequent fall, and seven years spent behind bars. What could have been his ultimate demise turned into his biggest blessing.

Also: Baby Girl; Riding Rhythm.

Truth be told
Murray, Victoria Christopher.

Grace Monroe has a devoted husband and adoring daughters. Newly elected on a Christian platform to the Los Angeles city council, she must face a dilemma that will force her to question her life and her faith when a secret from her husband’s past is revealed.

Also: Grown Folks Business; Joy; A Sin and a Shame; Temptation.

Turf War
Jackson, Renay

Criminal kingpin Big Ed Tatum is released from jail after the only witness to his crime is murdered. When his rival Silky turns up dead, Silky’s woman, Melody Bordeaux (aka Peanut), vows revenge.

Also: Oaktown Devil; Sharkeys Loose.

A woman's worth
Price-Thompson, Tracy

A compelling novel about a father’s love, a mother’s shame, and the daughter for whom they’re willing to sacrifice everything.

Also: Black Coffee; Chocolate Sangria; Knockin' Boots.

The womanizers
Joseph, Dwayne S.

Best friends Mike, Max, and Ahmad have all said their “I do’s.” But do they really understand what their vows mean? A look at married men who are put to the ultimate test.

Also: Choices Men Make; Never Say Never.

Your blues ain't like mine
Campbell, Bebe Moore

Chicago-born Armstrong Todd is 15, black, and not used to the segregated ways of the Deep South when his mother sends him to spend a pivotal summer with relatives in her native rural Mississippi.

Also: 72 Hour Hold; Brothers and Sisters; Singing in the Comeback Choir; What You Owe Me.

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