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20Salaries of Members of Police Department11/5/1907P
39Police Patrol Drivers' Salaries11/15/1910F
10Chief of Police to Select Detectives12/10/1912F
11Chief of Police, Duties and Responsibilities12/10/1912F
26Police Commission, Police Relief and Pension Fund12/10/1912P
28Board of Police Commissioners, Members, Secretary, Meetings12/10/1912F
29Board of Police Commissioners, Vacations and Leaves of Absence12/10/1912F
31Board of Police Commissioners, Investigations, Hearings, Subpoenas12/10/1912P
32Substation For Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph and Telephone System in Jefferson Square12/10/1912P
3Recall of Police Judge Weller4/22/1913P
13City Retirement and Pension Plan For Municipal Employees Other Than Police and Fire Employees3/16/1915F
24Police Commission, Permit for the Sale of Liquor3/16/1915F
27Police Department, Changes to Ranks and Salaries3/16/1915F
13Terms, Salary and Appointment of Police Judges11/7/1916F
14Alternative Salary of Police Judges11/7/1916F
19Police Relief and Pension Fund11/7/1916P
20Contributions to Police Relief and Pension Fund11/7/1916F
31Election of Police Judges; Mayor to Appoint Vacancies11/7/1916F
32Salary Increase for Police Judges11/7/1916F
28Pension of Fire Department and Police Department Members Serving in the Armed Forces11/5/1918P
46Police Patrol Drivers11/5/1918P
47Salary Increase for Uniformed Force of Police Department11/5/1918P
23Chief of Police; Appointment and Duties; Police Surgeon11/2/1920P
24Police Department; Women Protective Officers; Police Matrons11/2/1920P
44Police Photographer, Appointment and Salary11/2/1920P
46Police Court Judges, Terms and Salaries11/2/1920F
36Police Department Detectives11/7/1922P
37Pensions of Policemen and Firemen11/7/1922P
46Salaries of Police Judges11/7/1922F
25Salaries of Police Court Judges11/4/1924F
41Salaries of Select Officers and Members of Police Department11/4/1924P
25Police Pensions11/6/1928F
30Police Department Organization and Pensions11/6/1928F
42Police Department, Corporals11/6/1928F
44Special Police Officers, Pensions11/6/1928F
45Police Boat Engineers, Pensions11/6/1928F
47Police Department, Hostlers, Pensions11/6/1928F
48Police Matrons11/6/1928F
49Salaries of Police Judges11/6/1928F
53Creating a Woman Police Judge11/6/1928F
5Police Pensions5/2/1935P
5Police Department Investigations11/5/1935F
7Police Pensions3/9/1937F
12Re-Organization of the Police Department and Police Commission3/9/1937P
3Police Pensions11/8/1938F
28Fire and Police Department Salaries11/3/1942P
4Police Department11/2/1943F
6Police Department-Basic Work Week, Payment for Excess Services5/16/1944P
34Police Department-Retirement11/7/1944P
4Graduated Pay Schedule for Fire and Police11/6/1945P
4Graduated Pay Schedule and Hours of Work Adjustments for Fire and Police11/5/1946P
7Fire and Police Forces11/5/1946P
11Fixing Salaries for Fire and Police Departments11/4/1947P
20Providing Method of Demotion of Inspector of Police11/4/1947P
24Fixing Salary of Former Rank of Corporal of Police11/4/1947P
NPolice and Fire Departments, Retirement System11/2/1948P
HForty Hour Week, Police Department11/8/1949P
LDisability Retirement, Police Department11/8/1949P
ERetirement Allowance, Police6/6/1950F
HCompensation, Members of Police Department6/6/1950F
ACompensation, Fire and Police Departments11/7/1950P
ERetired Members of Police Department11/7/1950F
ACompensations, Fire and Police Department11/6/1951F
IRetirement, Members of the Police Department11/6/1951P
LDisability Benefits, Police and Fire Departments11/6/1951P
AFire and Police Salaries6/3/1952P
KPromotional Examination Credits; Police and Fire Departments11/3/1953P
JRetirement and Death Allowances; Police Department11/8/1955P
LUniform Allowances; Fire and Police Department11/8/1955F
CContingent Fund of the Chief of Police11/6/1956P
HAppointment of Inspectors and assistant inspectors in the Police Department11/6/1956P
ICompensation of members of the Police Department11/5/1957P
LRetirement and Death Allowances; Police Department11/5/1957F
MRetirement Allowances; Retired or Deceased members of Police Department11/5/1957F
ETitles and Compensation of Police Department Positions6/3/1958F
HCompensation of Retired Members of Police and Fire Department for Services as Expert Witnesses11/4/1958P
ORetirement and Survivor Benefits; Police Department members11/4/1958F
DPolice & Fire Compensation6/5/1962P
FSuspension Procedures; Police & Fire Departments11/6/1962P
JAssistant Inspectors; Police Department11/6/1962P
FPolice and Fire Parity Pay11/5/1963P
IPolice Department, Sergeant, Compensation11/5/1963F
JPolice and Fire Department , Death Benefit of Retired Members11/5/1963P
ELongevity Pay, Overtime, Night, Police & Fire11/8/1966F
LIncrease Members Police Commission11/8/1966F
QRetirement System Provisions; Police, Fire11/8/1966F
CMinimum Age Entrance Police Department11/7/1967P
FRates of Compensation Police and Fire11/7/1967P
ORetirement Benefit, Fire and Police Departments6/4/1968P
DPolice, Fire Department Administration11/4/1969F
FSize of Police Force11/4/1969P
GPolice, Fire Promotional Examinations11/4/1969F
IPolice Department Pay and Fringes and Parity6/2/1970F
FIncrease Police Funds, Pay Exonerated Officer11/3/1970P
GWorking Benefits, Police and Fire Departments11/3/1970F
EPolice Department Organization11/2/1971P
JPolice and Fire Benefits, Board of Supervisors11/2/1971F
HPolice and Fire Department, Death Allowances6/6/1972P
IEqual Compensation, Police Sergeant and Fire Lieutenant6/6/1972P
JRetirement Benefits, Police and Fire Departments6/6/1972F
OClose Park and Potrero Police Stations6/6/1972F
IIncrease Police Narcotics Fund $200,00011/7/1972F
KDistrict Police Stations11/7/1972P
NPolice and Fire Retirement Benefits11/7/1972P
QFive member Police, Fire, Civil Service Commissions11/7/1972F
RPolice Retirement Benefit Increase to $350.0011/7/1972F
JStreet Artists, Issued Police Peddler Permit6/4/1974P
HPolice and Fire Retirement Allowance11/5/1974P
MFire and Police Retirement benefits11/5/1974P
DPolice, Fire, Civil Service Commissions, five (5) members, one (1) woman11/4/1975P
EAirport Police; Reclassify as San Francisco Police Officers11/4/1975F
GAirport Police Probation, one (1) year11/4/1975P
ODismiss Police and Firemen Who Strike11/4/1975P
PPolice and Fire Pay, Equal to Wages In Cities Over 350,00011/4/1975P
RPolice and Fire Departments Binding Arbitration11/4/1975F
SPolice and Fire Salaries Match 5 California Cities11/4/1975F
GPolice and Fire Salaries6/8/1976P
APolice and Fire Collective Bargaining Binding Arbitration11/6/1979F
QPolice Department, Vice Squad, Abolish11/6/1979F
ESalaries, Police, Fire, Reduction Protection11/4/1980P
FRetirement Benefits, Police and Fire, Buy Out11/4/1980P
GRetirement Benefits, Police and Fire, Vesting11/4/1980P
AOffice of Citizens Complaints, Police Department11/2/1982P
IPolice Retirement and Disability Plan11/2/1982F
JPolice Overtime Pay at Rate of Time and 1/2 (one - half)11/2/1982P
FTransfers Housing Authority Police to SF Police Department11/8/1983P
IChanges Method Police and Fire Salaries are Set11/8/1983F
BNight Pay Differential to Police Officers6/5/1984P
GPolice Probation for One (1) Year after Training11/6/1984P
HPremium Pay, (2) Two - Wheel Motorcycle Policemen11/6/1984P
CPolice Drug Enforcement Fund, Remove $50,000 Maximum11/5/1985P
IPolice and Fire Pay, Changes After Annual Survey11/4/1986P
JNo Maximum Ages for Police and Fire Entry or Retirement11/4/1986P
APolice Facilities Bonds $28,000,00011/3/1987P
GCitizen Complaint Office Police Budget Limit Eliminate11/3/1987P
JPolice and Firefighter Pension Benefits11/8/1988P
VPolice Horse Patrol11/8/1988P
EPolice and Fire Retirement Benefits11/7/1989P
DPolice and Fire Bargaining and Arbitration11/6/1990P
FAirport Police Retirement Benefits11/6/1990F
GHousing Authority Police11/5/1991P
BBPolice Puppet11/2/1993P
DPolice and Fire Early Retirement11/2/1993F
FPolice and Fire Retirement Benefit Modifications11/2/1993F
DPolice Staffing6/7/1994P
IPolice and Firefighter Personnel Policies11/5/1996F
CPolice and Firefighter Retirement Benefits11/4/1997F
APolice Retirement Benefits11/3/1998P
BFirefighter and Police Retirement Benefits11/2/1999P
HPolice and Firefighters Retirement Benefits11/5/2002P
HPolice Commission/Office of Citizen Complaints11/4/2003P
CCivilian Jobs in the Police Department3/2/2004P
EPolice and Fire Survivor Benefits11/2/2004P
5To incur bonded debt for the construction and completion of a fire and police signal system.12/20/1912P
FAuthorizing the Board of Supervisors to Amend Contract for Retirement Benefits for Police Department Employees Who Were Airport Police Officers11/6/2007P
BCreating a New Deferred Retirement Option Program for Members of the San Francisco Police Department2/5/2008P
EBudget Line Item for Police Department Security for City Officials and Dignitaries6/8/2010P
GPolice Oversight11/8/2016P
HPolicy for the Use of Tasers by San Francisco Police Officers6/5/2018F

The Ballot Propositions Database enables you to search the library’s collection of Voter Information Pamphlets and handbooks for San Francisco municipal elections. The content dates back to 1907, and contains small gaps in coverage. The database links to digitized PDF versions of the pamphlets for each election.

Search the database by date, title, letter or number designation or words in the description. The results contain basic information about each proposition, including results and a brief description of the proposition. At the end of each summary is a link to a PDF of the ballot pamphlet for the election.

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