Interlibrary Loan Guidelines & Request Form

Books, articles, and microfilm/microfiche can be obtained by filling out one of the following forms:

For questions, please try our Interlibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions. You may also contact the Interlibrary Loan program or visit the Information Desk on the first floor of the Main Library.

We cannot accept interlibrary loan requests or distribute interlibrary loan materials if you have:

  • a Welcome card
  • a visitor card
  • overdue fines or materials

The following materials are not available through interlibrary loan:

  • electronic resources such as eBooks
  • items owned by the Library, including books, government documents, and periodicals
  • books published in the current calendar year
  • audiovisual items, such as audio books, compact discs, DVDs and videotapes
  • software and other documents published on computer disk

You may have as many as 10 interlibrary loan requests to your library account. Interlibrary loan requests may take as long as four to six (4-6) weeks to arrive, depending on the response time and shipping mode of the lending library.

You will be notified by U.S. mail or email when an item has arrived. Please pick up your materials as soon as possible to insure you have the longest possible time to borrow them.

Interlibrary loan items may be returned to any San Francisco Public Library location. Please return materials during open hours only. Do not place interlibrary loan materials in book-drops or remove the white ILL information label.

Materials may be renewed once for an additional two weeks with the consent of the lending library and must be requested on or before the due date. Only Interlibrary Loan staff can assist with renewal requests. Contact the Interlibrary Loan office at (415) 557-4406 to request a renewal. Items that are non renewable will be noted on the information band.

Overdue items are not eligible for renewal and must be returned promptly. If you lose an interlibrary loan item, depending on the lending library's policy, you may be fined as much as $250.

Repeated failure to follow these guidelines may result in the suspension of interlibrary loan privileges.

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