American Culture: The Deaf Perspective

San Francisco Public Library Presents

American Culture: The Deaf Perspective - A Four-Part Series Exploring the Culture and Heritage of Deaf Americans

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PRODUCED BY: San Francisco Public Library
THIS PROGRAM WAS FUNDED BY: National Endowment for the Humanities
San Francisco Foundation
California Council for the Humanities
Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
Sony Corporation of America

  • Deaf Heritage, Program 1 is a brief view of the emerging Deaf identity. It traces the development of American Sign Language and focuses upon some of the individuals who have contributed to the evolving heritage of Deaf people in America.
  • Deaf Folklore, Program 2 illustrates how the traditions and values of a people are passed on through the humor, tales, games, and personal stories of Deaf individuals.
  • Deaf Literature, Program 3 samples the poetry, drama, and visual literature of Deaf people as witnessed on stage and screen.
  • Deaf Minorities, Program 4 explores the Deaf individual's search for cultural identity. Among those sharing personal experiences are a Cuban emigre, a Deaf-Blind man, an American Indian, a Black woman, a Lesbian, a Gay man and a Senior Citizen.
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