News Release - February 9, 2009

For Immediate Release: February 9, 2009

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Dishing It Out at the San Francisco Public Library

Exhibition of Candacy Taylor's Photographs and Oral Histories at San Francisco Public Library Highlights Career Waitresses Across the U.S.A.

For many, waitressing is a stepping stone to a brighter future. But in the exhibition, Dishing It Out: Career Waitresses Across the U.S.A., coming soon to the San Francisco Public Library, photographer Candacy Taylor turned her camera and her tape recorder on the women who race to our tables, quarrel with the cooks and bring humor to the American roadside dining experience. The exhibition is on view Feb. 14-April 26, in the Main Library's Jewett Gallery, 100 Larkin St., Lower Level.

Through interviews and photographs, Taylor has documented waitresses across the United States, examining their careers and their significance as workers within their communities. The exhibition focuses on a subculture of waitresses who have been thriving in restaurants for decades—the most veteran of them for 60 years. Despite the traditional view of the overworked, weary waitress, most career waitresses love what they do. Many say that "slinging hash" has provided them with a good life. They own their own homes, drive new cars and send their children to college. Any way you slice it, this is hard work. But waitressing has kept their minds sharp and their spirits young and has given them the opportunity to make meaningful connections with their regular customers.

The exhibition includes 14 oral histories (including five Bay Area career waitresses) and 53 photographs of the women who serve our food. Taylor's fascinating journey presents the subtle nuances and rewards of everyday honest work. The exhibition is organized by SUBJECT MATTERS traveling exhibitions in cooperation with Candacy Taylor.

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