125º Aniversario: Exposición de Fotos

Image by Kathryn S. Evers
RV-064 Kathryn S. Evers

Two of us [Kathryn S. Evers and Penelope Scambly Schott] used the same book as inspiration, Dr. Miriam Stoppard’s Well Woman Healthcare. That someone would try to censor anyone's right to read is most upsetting. This book isn’t about sex but about health care… It is hard to understand why someone would mutilate it. The process of painting this mixed media work was one of transition. I looked inside... the person had taken an Exacto knife and cut deeper and deeper, over and over into an anatomical drawing of a woman's pelvic muscles.. I wanted to represent colors of blood and femaleness... red, peach, pink, and purple. The first words...because this is about censoring words and images... the first words I put on onion skin were angry words... but it didn't feel right...the second set were clinical words taken directly from the book... that evolved into the words you see now that represent the transformation to the female... to the particular... to this time... I think violence only begets violence... this is about transforming fear, misunderstanding, violence into something female and healing...

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