ARTICLE V - Commission Staff

Commission Bylaws
ARTICLE V - Commission Staff Section 1: City Librarian The City Librarian shall have the duties and powers which are set forth in the Charter and Ordinances of the City and County of San Francisco. As the Executive Director of the department, the City Librarian or a designee shall attend all meetings of the Commission and shall report to the Commission on all matters which concern the operation of the department and which may call for its attention. The Commission shall deal with administrative matters solely through the City Librarian or his or her designees, and any dictation, suggestion or interference herein prohibited on the part of any member of the Commission shall constitute official misconduct; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall restrict the Commission's powers of hearing and inquiry as provided in the Charter. Section 2: Commission Secretary The Secretary or designee shall attend all meetings of the Commission and any Ad-Hoc Committee and is responsible for the proper recording and distribution of all Commission actions, correspondence, agendas, and other duties as may be assigned by the Commission, including: research, assisting Committee chairs and officers, making recommendations on assigned projects, answering questions from the public about Commission activities and procedures, helping library staff prepare for presentations before the Commission, and representing the Commission at public and political gatherings, as appropriate. The Secretary shall also serve as the parliamentarian, maintaining a knowledge of adopted rules and procedures and also of the Commission's obligations under the laws and ordinances referenced in Article 1, Section 3 of this document, or other regulations which may apply to how the Commission conducts business. Next Page
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