Library Commission Minutes - March 17, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION Minutes of the regular meeting of Thursday, March 17, 2005. (As approved June 16, 2005) The San Francisco Public Library Commission held a regular meeting on Thursday, March 17, 2005 in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library. The meeting was called to order by President Higueras at 4: 07pm. The following members were present: Bautista, Coulter, Higueras, Gomez, and Strobin. Commissioner Chin joined the meeting at 4:11pm. Vice President Steiman's arrival was expected. President Higueras introduced Commissioner Jewelle Gomez who had been recently appointed to the Public Library Commission by Mayor Newsom who responded with a brief introduce of herself. Agenda Items: 1) Public Comment 2) Approval of the Minutes of February 3, 2005 3) Approval of the Minutes of February 17, 2005 4) Bernal Heights Branch Library Renovation 5) BLIP Manager's Report Adjournment APPENDIX A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #1 PUBLIC COMMENT An anonymous member of the public began with “stop the ignorance, stop the hate, don't give money to the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, don't accept money from the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library”. This person then commented that Commissioner Gomez might not know what she was getting into. This person then discussed Library related implications of Cato the Elder’s epigram calling for total war against Carthage; expounded their view of the Library's history of broken promises; and elucidated on the importance of democratic process; and spoke concerning their perspective on the struggle between democracy and aristocracy. Mr. Robert Pender, Park Merced Residents’ Association and Lakeside Branch user, noted the importance of public libraries as being central to maintaining freedom, found that schools and libraries worked well together, and urged that the Library Commission allow the State Preschool to remain in the Bernal Heights Branch Library. Mr. Peter Warfield welcomed the new Commissioner and called attention to: a March 4th anti-RFID article he had co-authored in the Berkeley Daily Planet; his remarks in the article disputing Berkeley Public Library claims about RSI-related injuries; his concern that RFID was a privacy threatening, secret technology; and said its use by the Library was opposed by the ACLU and EFF and other groups. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #2 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 3, 2005 Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #2 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 3, 2005 An anonymous member of the public called attention to inaccuracies in the report of the Eureka Valley Branch Library Agenda Item #4, suggesting that some of those offering public comments were not correctly identified or their affiliations not reported. This person questioned attribution of comments to Ms. Thompson thought to have been made by someone else and cited lack of report of specific comments offered by Commissioner Chin. Ms. Edith Wellin requested a correction in the spelling of her name. Mr. Peter Warfield commented on the importance of accurate minutes and called attention to the omission of important anti-RFID comments, citing the lack inclusion of specific mention of the names of the organizations opposed to RFID implementation and the lack of specificity in reporting his Page 7 comments on approval of the Minutes. Mr. Warfield urged that the Minutes be corrected. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 3, 2005 MOTION: by Commissioner Chin, 2nd Commissioner Bautista for approval of the minutes of the regular Public Library Commission meeting of February 3, 2005. ACTION: 6-0 AYE (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Gomez, and Strobin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 17, 2005 Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 17, 2005 An anonymous member of the public noted that past meeting minutes were now posted on the Library website. This person commented that the Minutes report of their comments on the Commission’s handling of the City Librarian appointment were completely inaccurate and not what he had said. This person then commented on what they believed to be misrepresentation in the Minutes report of Mr. Warfield's comments offered in an Agenda Item #2 public comment. Mr. Peter Warfield said that a Page 2 comment attributed to him was not what he had said. Mr. Warfield noted that he had attempted to make the point that he had been unable to obtain documents that he had requested from the Library. Mr. Warfield reported his comments pointed out that the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force had taken action against the Library in support of this request for records. Mr. Warfield also noted that it was significant in his view that the Library had not mentioned RSI related injuries in its recent reports concerning RFID. Ms. Consuelo Faust-Anderson commented that her reported Page 6 public comments on the Bernal Heights Preschool issue had not been intended to suggest that the real class and racial divisions existing in the community were a basis of this issue rather that they were not. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 17, 2005 MOTION: by Commissioner Coulter, 2nd Commissioner Bautista for approval of the minutes of the regular Public Library Commission meeting of February 17, 2005 ACTION: 6-0 AYE (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Gomez, and Strobin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION BLIP Manager Marilyn Thompson presented an update concerning the proposed renovation of the Branch Library presenting an overview of the various proposed floor plans and revisions, and calling attention to a March 7 cost estimates memo and its implication that the planned extension of the building would have to be eliminated. Ms. Thompson then outlined the history of the existing branch facilities, its design by Fred Meyer in 1940, and discussed in detail the needs placed on the spaces in both the upper and lower level of the current building highlighting the State Preschools use of the existing non-code complaint space in the lower level. Ms Thompson discussed the seismic safety issues and ADA and Building Code issues that the renovation would have to correct. The BLIP Manager reported what would be required to make necessary renovations: seismic safety and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) improvements; relocation and improvement to the staff work areas; relocation and expansion of the Children's Library; enhancement of the program/community meeting space; and creation of a dedicated teen area upstairs, as proposed in renovated branch building with the planned addition. Ms. Thompson then discussed designs developed by Asian Neighborhood Design to make the proposed lower level spaces compatible for joint use by the Library and the Preschool. Deputy City Attorney Catherine Barnes next explained the limitations on uses of Prop. A (Branch Library Improvement Bond 2000) funds and noted that the State Preschool would be required to pay a proportionate share of the costs of any renovation of dedicated space in the lower level of the Branch. Ms. Barnes additionally noted that as a result of recently enacted legislation, the Board of Supervisors would have to approve the granting of any below-market lease agreement allowing the Preschool to use space in the Branch Library. Vice President Steiman joined the meeting at 4:46pm. In response to a question by President Higueras, Ms. Thompson noted that the additional cost to accommodate the Preschool ranged from several hundred thousand to one million dollars. Then the proposed Asian Neighborhood Design design concept was discussed. Mr. Stephen Santos Rico, Chair, Child Development & Family Studies at City College of San Francisco, then outlined the efforts of City College to explore all possible options to keep the Preschool open as well as identify additional sources of funding to provide the maximum amount of services. It was noted that an approach had been made to the San Francisco Unified School District concerning possible use of available space in the nearby Paul Revere School. It was reported that while a possibility for relocation of the State Preschool to the school site existed, there was as yet no agreement that it could do so. Mr. Santos Rico concluded by reporting that City College also had to consider the impact of ongoing financial costs related to this program. Ms. Thompson then outlined the challenges imposed when the construction cost estimates for the proposed renovation were received by the Library at the beginning of February. She again reported dramatic construction costs increases and noted that as proposed the project was $1 million over budget. The BLIP Manager observed that there were limited options in this situation and suggested that it would be necessary to eliminate the proposed addition and modify the proposed design to contain project costs. Ms. Thompson noted that the Commission would have to decide, given ADA and Code requirements, as well as library program needs that the entire existing facility would have to be reserved for Library use or that there would have to be significant library services reductions in order to accommodate dedicated space for the Preschool in the facility. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION An anonymous member of the public observed that this was a discouraging situation and suggested the Library's adoption, as a result of efforts to obtain Prop. 14 State Library Bond funds, of the goal of cooperation between schools and public libraries with dedicated space for study centers was problematic. This person suggested that the Library had also been $1 million over budget on the new Mission Bay and Glen Park Libraries. President Higueras clarified a point raised by the anonymous member of the public pointing out that Prop. 14 (State Library Construction Bond) called for partnerships to be formed with school districts. Vice President Steiman corrected an erroneous assertion by this member of the public that the proposed new Glen Park Branch Library had been “one million” over budget. Vice President Steiman noted that the $88,000 in increase costs had made possible creation of more than 8,000 sq. ft new Branch Library. Mr. Bill Sorro, a 45 year resident of Bernal Heights, lamented the loss of affordability in the neighborhood leading to the loss of many low income families. Mr. Sorro suggested that the Preschool was entitled to stay in the Branch Library and that the community would not allow another loss of such a community resource. Mr. Sorro found that race and class divisions were at issue in this situation. Ms. Jennifer Norris commented that it was becoming clear that budget limitations and the ADA requirements would lead to loss of public space in the Branch. Ms. Norris urged that access to the playground be retained by the Children's Room. Mr. Robert Pender, Park Merced Residents’ Association and regular library user, lauded free public libraries as supported by Carnegie and again noted that schools and libraries worked well together. Mr. Pender urged that the Library Commissioners to allow the State Preschool to return to the Bernal Heights Branch Library after renovation. Mr. Peter Warfield expressed puzzlement at the cost increases report for this Branch in contrast to those for the Eureka Valley Branch. Mr. Warfield noted this was the only preschool located in a branch library and that the Library had in the past provided free space to the Friends of the Library. Mr. Eric Quesada, 15 year Bernal Heights resident, found the staff’s presentation among the worse he had ever seen and suggested that it was wrong that an outside organization had to become involved to save the Preschool. Mr. Quesada said that he disagreed with the Deputy City Attorney’s views concerning limitations on expenditure of bond funds. Ms. Virginia Khyber regretted that it would be necessary for the Preschool to relocate but noted that the Library needed the space. Ms. Vida Sanford commented that she had voted in support of the Bonds to renovate the Branch Library and was opposed the loss of the Preschool. Ms. Sanford noted that the Preschool’s parents were also taxpayers and that the preschool had been a cultural hub for 25 years. Ms. Sanford called attention to the active parent participation in the Preschool and that the voters also approved additional funding to create and maintain preschool services. Ms. Demece Garepis, Bernal Heights Community Center, noted that everyone was working to find a way to preserve the Preschool, agreed with Mr. Quesada's comments about funding, and urged the creation of relationships between San Francisco School District and City College to preserve low income services. Rosaria, a site supervisor at the State Preschool, reported that the Preschool did not currently share use of the community room and noted that they did not have an alternative location to go to. She suggested a need to be creative, pointing out that the Preschool children grew up and would use the Library. She also noted that gentrification was a painful issue in the community. Ms. Elizabeth Correa, a preschool teacher for 25 years, urged that the Commission allow the Preschool to remain in the Branch Library, noting that it was a critically needed resource in the community. Ms. Amy Lee, Parent’s Voices, a City College student and Preschool parent requested that the Preschool return to the Branch Library after renovation. Ms. Lee called attention to the a success of this model cooperative program and called attention to the limited options available to parents for convenient safe and inspiring preschool programs. Ms. Lee suggested that allowing the Preschool to return was in fulfillment of the Library's mission. Ms. N’Tanya Lee, Executive Director, Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth, congratulated Commissioner Gomez on her appointment and expressed support for the Preschool remaining in the Branch Library. Ms. Lee commented that there was too narrow a vision and that public resources needed to be dedicated to serve all of the children of the community. Ms. Anna Schell, Parent’s Voices, and a HUD Section 8 holder, urged the Commissioners to preserve the Preschool and with it diversity in the Community noting that low income Bernal Heights residents were facing significant losses of services. Ms. Schell urged that funding be found to allow the Preschool to remain at the Branch Library. Ms. Sydney G. Clements, an early childhood specialist and Bernal Heights Branch Library user, noted the importance of bringing both children and parents into the libraries and called attention to the community's ownership of the Library; suggesting that the various agencies involved should collaborate and think creatively to serve the community. Mr. Jose Luis Pavon, a Bernal Heights resident, thanked the parents for supporting the Preschool and speaking for low income residents, communities of color, and taxpayers noted the importance of preserving diversity, and urged the Commissioners that pre-school deserved use of space in the Branch. Ms. Lara Soto, 18 year San Francisco resident, called attention to the lack of affordable preschool services for Latinos and called on the Commissioners to preserve the preschool as an investment in youth. Ms. Soto noted that preschool children were kept away from crime and violence and provided the opportunity for further education. Ms. Miriam Mueller, a Library volunteer, suggested that should City College be able to raise $1 million, a renovation package could be put together that would resolve the issue. She noted that any loss of library space, especially Children's space must be avoided, so this problem had to be solved. Mr. Jesse Powell, 57 year San Francisco resident, commented that the children should not have to suffer and that the funds must be found to keep the Preschool at the Branch Library. He urged the Commissioners to think creatively and find a solution. Ms. Linda Mickelson, a CCSF Preschool Director, noted her familiarity with the difficult issues involved pointing out that family involvement in the Preschool was essential as was the case with the State preschool which served both parents and children. Ms. Mickelson called on the Commissioners to value education and family involvement and recognize the critical importance of the teacher training provided by the State Preschool. She found disturbing that essential community services were pitted against one another. Mr. David Turner, a 30 year resident of Bernal Heights, urged the Commissioners to preserve use of the Branch Library as a library noting that everyone in the community was supportive of the Preschool, suggesting for example the Bernal Heights Community Center or the Paul Revere School. Ms. Consuelo Faust-Anderson, an 18 year Bernal Heights’ resident, commented that if the preschool would have to leave the neighborhood she would support its remaining in the Library, but as a mother of teenage library users, she also supported expanding the Library. Ms Faust-Anderson urged that that the community come together to find a solution. She also suggested that a community forum on issues related to gentrification would be beneficial noting that the Library was not the enemy. Mr. Steve Shapiro, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, supported keeping the Preschool at the Branch Library suggesting that the issues involved were being framed too narrowly and that the Library should try something unique that could serve as a model. Mr. Shapiro suggested that the community was under attack and needed to rally to preserve its vital resources. Mr. Terry Milne commented that should the Preschool remain at the Branch it would result in a renovated Branch Library actually smaller than before. Noting that the Preschool would have to relocate in 2006 in any event, he wondered why the emphasis was on the 2008 reopening of the Library with little discussion of the actual certain move out in 2006. Mr. Milne called attention to the importance of the community room. Ms. Viola Morris, Executive Director of the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, commented that the proposed Asian Neighborhood Design proposal was the best option and urged continued discussion to find ways to make it possible. Ms. Muriel Meunier-Fiebelkorn, Director of the City College State Preschool at the Bernal Heights Branch Library noted that they had considered the Neighborhood Center as a possible relocation option but found that it was not usable. Ms. Laverne Fisher commented that if the Preschool remained there would be less library services and therefore she opposed permanent use of library space by the preschool. Keeping the preschool would be a costly symbolic gesture, especially as the need for neighborhood libraries had increased by the closure of many school libraries. Ms. Fisher suggested the Preschool find another permanent home. Ms. Blesilda Almacon, Parent’s Voices, urged the Commissioners to save the Bernal Heights State Preschool. Ms. Maria Luz Torre, Parent’s Voices, requested that the Preschool remain located in the Branch Library and expressed dismay that the choices were being narrowed to exclude the preschool. She observed that there were no available location options and that the Revere School was only a possibility. She suggested that the choice made should reflect the greater public need. Mr. Oscar Grande, an Excelsior/Mission neighborhood activist, supported keeping the State Preschool at the Bernal Heights Branch Library. He noted that the parents and children were speaking from their hearts and expressing a sincere desire to stay. He suggest as public servants the Commissioners should listen and find that the best use for the Library was to serve the low income children already facing many barriers. Mr. Mauricio Vela, a 16 year Bernal Heights resident, thanked all of those who supported saving the Preschool. He urged the Commissioners to reflect on the choice for a shared use and noted that the Community had not had a chance to consider the other options. Mr. Vela suggested that the choices were not as narrow as presented. Mr. Vela expressed support for expanding the Branch Library and keeping the Preschool. Ms. Rosanne Liggett, Bernal Heights’ representative on the Council of Neighborhood Libraries and volunteer at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center supported the proposed plan for renovation of the Bernal Heights Branch Library and suggested that as it was very important that the community find a new home for the Preschool. Ms. Liggett noted that the Library was not responsible for the Preschool’s problems and that they should find a new permanent home. Ms. Viola Morris, Executive Director of the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, called for everyone concerned to work together to find a way so that the Branch Library and the State Preschool could continue to co-exist and serve the Community. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION President Higueras noted that everyone was aware of the importance of services provided to low income minority families and the Bernal Heights Community by the State Preschool. President Higueras also acknowledged that low-income and minority families were facing many challenges as the neighborhood changed. President Higueras noted that the Public Library and City College had differing roles, responsibilities and that while in a perfect world shared use could be of value, at the end of the day the Commissioners had the responsibility to secure the best possible library services within their financial limitations. President Higueras suggested that City College now had opportunity to step forward and include support for the Preschool in a planned construction bond issue. The Library Commission President noted the City College would have to take action by July 2005 in order to include funding to sustain its Preschool Program in the proposed bond issue. President Higueras noted that there was no lack of appreciation for the contributions of the Preschool and urged that the Community take their concerns to the City College trustees. The Library Commission President called attention to the fact that it was the Commissioners duty to provide the best possible Library for Bernal Heights and that it might be possible for a win-win if City College would step up to its responsibilities for its Preschool program and thereby allow for shared use within a larger structure. President Higueras pointed to use of the Paul Revere School as a potential option and urged that the School District be actively involved in helping to find as solution. The Commission President pointed out that both an interim and funding for a permanent solution for the Preschool had to be done. President Higueras suggested that others must join in finding an answer and noted that this was likely the Library's only opportunity for a long time to improve the Bernal Heights Branch Library. Commissioner Helen Marte Bautista noted that the Library serves the entire community and called attention to the need for increased library services for teens and children. Commissioner Bautista noted that the Library could consider a shared arrangement similar to other joint uses but only in circumstances where both partners had the means to fulfill their commitments. Commissioner Bautista urged that a dialogue begin to identify ways to configure space in the Branch to address its serious seismic safety and ADA accessibility issues as well as library best uses. Commissioner Bautista found that there was hope that City College could identify funding in their proposed bond issue but emphasized that the Library's Bond funds could not be used for this purpose. Commissioner Bautista pointed out that the Community needed both a good branch library and the Preschool. Commissioner Steven Coulter noted that everyone supported the Preschool but that the Library had responsibility to serve the entire community. Commissioner Coulter called attention to the fact that the Preschool had enjoyed 25 years of rent free use of space and that there were reasonable options, such as the Paul Revere School, for them to relocate and remain in the neighborhood. Commissioner Coulter pointed out that the San Francisco Unified School District wanted to have a preschool at its Revere site and that City College was going forward with its own bond proposals that could also provide solutions. Commissioner Coulter affirmed that the Library was interested in potential for shared use but felt that the proposal by Asian Neighborhood Design did not provide for real shared use when Library and Preschool hours coincided. Commissioner Coulter expressed concern with the possible loss of the community meeting space and noted that the Commissioners had to make a decision consistent with its policy against reducing library services. Commissioner Coulter observed that the Library remained open to true shared use but that it was time for the San Francisco Unified School District and City College to be approached to become involved in solving this situation. The Acting City Librarian and the BLIP Manager noted that efforts were still under consideration to preserve the community meeting space within the revised design. Commissioner Lonnie Chin said that the Commissioners needed to decide this question and recalled the lesson learned in her 35 years of experience as an educator serving largely low income and minority communities. Commissioner Chin pointed out that the Library had an important role to play but that the primary responsibility for education rests with the schools. Commissioner Chin remarked that it was the norm that there be seamless education for both children and their parents and that in her experience shared spaces did not result in a quality program. Commissioner Chin found the Preschool’s proposals not well thought out and called attention to that fact that declining enrollments resulted space being available in many underused school buildings. Commissioner Chin noted that the Paul Revere School was slated to become a “Dream School” and that many critically important additional staffing and funding resources were going to be provided there. Commissioner Chin noted that the Commissioner should do what is best for the children, observing that our libraries were small and very heavily used. Commissioner Chin point out that the Bernal Heights Branch was small and that all of its space was needed for a library for all. Commissioner Chin suggested that it was only practical to look to the schools to Recreation and Park Department to find available space that best served the kids. Commissioner Jewelle Gomez expressed concern that City College appeared to be less than responsive to the needs of its own program. Commissioner Gomez agreed that the Preschool needed to remain in the neighborhood and expressed concern that City College did not appear to be actively involved in finding a solution. Commissioner Gomez noted that she was moved by the sincerity of the community speakers and urged them to express their concerns to the City College Trustees and urge them to assume their responsibilities. Commissioner Gomez noted that there were many valid points raised on all aspects of this matter, but noted that staff working conditions was a critically important issue that had not appropriately been considered. Commissioner Gomez called on City College Administration to come forward with its response to this problem. President Higueras reiterated that it was necessary that proposed responses to this problem go forward together; that City College take the issues seriously; and that community advocates let the College Trustees and the School Board members know the importance of this Preschool Program. President Higueras said that the Library Commissioners were duty bound to provide Bernal Heights with the best library possible and affirmed that the Commissioners were committed to explore all possible options. However, President Higueras point out that City College had the responsibility to find the funds needed to preserve their own program. President Higueras observed that should funding for the Preschool become available, then the Commissioners could consider options, but it was their first duty to do justice to the needs of the Library system. Commissioner Chin pointed out that inclusion of preschool was become the norm nationwide for local education systems and that the Federal Government had been funding such efforts since 1965. She noted that a preschool in every school has been the wave of the future and was appropriate as most schools, even small ones, had sufficient space available. Commissioner Chin remarked at a key element was teacher training and more parent involvement. Commissioner Bautista emphasized that it was important that the Commissioner provide Bernal Heights with the same level of Children's services provided in other similar sized branch libraries and that doing so would benefit all of the community's children. Commissioners requested that Ms. Muriel Meunier-Fiebelkorn, Director of the City College State Preschool at the Bernal Heights Branch Library come forward so that they could request that she convey their concerns to the City College program administrators. Ms. Meunier-Fiebelkorn reported that she had been diligently searching for alternative locations for the Preschool without success since the beginning of last Summer. Commissioner Coulter recommended that as part of the Commission action on this item that formal letters be sent to both the Chancellor and Board of Trustees of City College and the Superintendent and Board of Education of the San Francisco Unified School District requesting their involvement in efforts to preserve the Preschool in Bernal Heights. In response to a question by Mr. Vela, the Acting City Librarian suggested that the Commission’s proposed action was similar to that taken in response to proposals for shared space at the Eureka Valley-Harvey Milk Memorial Branch; going forward with the renovation as planned but leaving open a possibility for other options should sufficient funding be found to make them feasible. MOTION: by Commissioner Coulter, 2nd Commissioner Gomez directing staff to: 1) proceed with planning for the space (at the Bernal Heights Branch Library) for Library use; 2) continue to explore with the Bernal Preschool possibilities for a shared use; and, 3) the Commission will send letters to the chief executives of City College of San Francisco and the San Francisco Unified School District explaining the Library Commission’s decision and urging them to continue a search for another location, particularly at the Paul Revere Elementary School. ACTION: 6-1 adopted 6 AYES (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Gomez, and Steiman) 1 NO (Strobin) President Higueras called a recess at 6:44pm The Library Commission returned to session at 6:55pm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLIP MANAGER’S REPORT BLIP Manager Marilyn Thompson presented her regular tripartite report on the Branch Library Improvement Program’s Budget, Schedule, and ongoing and planned construction activities (copy attached). The BLIP Manager noted in her budget report that the Library proposed to go forward with its 3rd sale of Prop. (2000) Bonds in conjunction with the City's proposed sale of Academy of Sciences and Zoo Bonds. Ms. Thompson noted that there would be no special or informational reports presented at this meeting. Public comment on the BLIP MANAGER’S REPORT An anonymous member of the public called the Commissioners’ attention to the Board of Supervisors February 23rd action making the Richmond Branch Library a City landmark. This individual noted that the landmarking legislation emphasized the 9th Avenue side of the building rather than its 10th Avenue side. Commission discussion of BLIP MANAGER’S REPORT President Higueras expressed concern with the choice to paint the exterior of the renovated Excelsior Branch white, making it an inviting target for graffiti, and strongly recommended a darker color be chosen. The Commission President suggested that he would welcome a request for “change order” if necessary to paint the building a color more resistant to tagging. In response to President Higueras’ question about project signage, it was reported that the artwork had been sent to the contractor and that appropriate signage was in production. Commissioner Bautista reported that tagging at Excelsior Branch she had seen in the Morning had been cleaned up before the end of the same day. Ms. Thompson reported graffiti removal was the responsibility of the contractor during construction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM # ADJOURNMENT President Higueras proposed that the Commission adjourn in honor of the observance of St. Patrick's Day. MOTION: by Commissioner Coulter, 2nd Commissioner Chin to adjourn the regular March 17, 2005 Public Library Commission meeting in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Ireland, and the contributions of Irish Americans to San Francisco and the late San Francisco Poet Philip Lamantia. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM # ADJOURNMENT An anonymous member of the public called attention to the recent death of internationally renowned Excelsior Distinct of San Francisco born Surrealist Poet Philip Lamantia whose passing had been recognized by the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Peter Warfield agreed with the proposal to recognize St. Patrick's Day noting that while not wearing anything green he was carrying a green file folder. ACTION: AYE 7-0 (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Gomez, Higueras, Steiman, and Strobin) The Commission meeting adjourned at 7:17pm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Housh, Commission Secretary 3/25/05 Please note: Copies of Commission Minutes and handouts are available in the Office of the Commission Secretary, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 ATTACHMENTS: Bernal Heights Branch Library Floor plan (February 17, 2005) Bernal Heights Branch Library Floor plan (October 6, 2004) Asian Neighborhood Design Options for the Bernal Heights State Preschool memo March 7, 2005 BLIP Summary Schedule, Budget, and Construction Reports -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Library Commission meeting of March 17, 2005 Appendix A The Public Comment Summary Statements included in these Minutes are authorized by San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.16. These summary statements are provided by the speaker. Their contents are neither generated by, nor subject to approval or verification of accuracy by, the San Francisco Public Library Commission. Explanatory documents: Copies of listed explanatory documents are available as follows: (1) from the Commission Secretary/Custodian of Records, Main Library, 6th Floor, (2) in the rear of the Koret Auditorium immediately before and during the meeting, and (3) to the extent possible, on the Library's Web site . Additional materials not listed as explanatory documents, if any, that are distributed to the Library Commissioners prior to or during the meeting in connection with any agenda item will be available to the public for inspection and copying in accordance with Government Code Section 54954.1 and Sunshine Ordinance §§ 67.9, 67.28(b) & 67.28(d).
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