DVDs - Documentary

TRANScending Identities
The aggressives
Directed and produced by Daniel Peddle; co-producer, Jeanny Tsai

Film about a group of New York gender-bending lesbians, who despite their masculine appearance and behavior don’t want to become men.

DVD 306.7663 AGGR
The believers
Directed by Todd Holland; produced by Nicole Miller and Beth Burkhart

Documentary about the world’s first transgender choir.

DVD 780.2 TRAN
The Brandon Teena story
Produced and directed by Susan Muska & Greta Olafsdottir

Documentary about Brandon Teena, a transgendered youth, who was murdered along with two others in 1993 in rural Nebraska.

DVD 305.9066 BRAN
Enough man
Produced and directed by Luke Woodward

Nine FTMs and their partners frankly discuss sex, sexuality and relationships.

DVD 306.768 ENOU
Written, produced and directed by Monika Treut

Treut explores San Francisco’s trans and gender queer communities in this documentary.

DVD 306.768 GEND
Inside out
A film by Zohreh Shayesteh

Three Muslim Iranians discuss their transgender identities.

DVD 306.768 INSI
Middle sexes
Written and directed by Antony Thomas; produced by Antony Thomas, Carleen Ling-an Hsu

Explores the experiences of those who don’t fit nicely into a binary gender system.

DVD 305.3 MIDD
Red without blue
A film by Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills and Todd Sills

Identical twins Mark and Alex and their family are filmed over a period of three years as Alex becomes a woman.

DVD 306.768 RED
Southern comfort
Produced by Kate Davis

Looks at the life and experiences of Robert Eads, a 52-year-old cowboy who was born female.

DVD 306.76 SOUT
Total patient care: the child with an intersex condition
Executive producer, Cheryl Chase; producer/director, Phyllis Ward

This film discusses the medical, social and ethical aspects of treating intersex patients in childhood.

DVD 616.694 TOTA
Produced by Thairin Smothers; written by Mathilde Bittner, Ashley York; directed by Jeremy Simmons

Four transgender college students discuss their feelings and lives as they prepare to transition.

DVD 305.3097 TRAN
Prodcued and directed by Jules Rosskam

Documentary about FTMs who have given birth, most of whom are now raising their children.

DVD 306.768 TRAN
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