Library Commission Minutes - February 20, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION Minutes of the regular meeting of Thursday, January 16, 2003. (As approved amended March 20, 2003 – amended text in contrasting typeface) The San Francisco Public Library Commission held a regular meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2003 in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library. President Higueras called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM. The following members were noted present: Commissioners Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, Streets, and Strobin. Commissioner Bautista was excused and Commissioner Chin’s arrival was expected to be delayed. Agenda Items: 1. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE January 16, 2003 COMMISSION MEETING 2. EXCELSIOR BRANCH DESIGN RECOMMENDATION 3. BOND PROGRAM MANAGER’S REPORT 4. RICHMOND BRANCH PROP. 14 APPLICATION 5. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FOR BRANCH LIBRARIES 6. PUBLIC COMMENT 7. ADJOURNMENT 8. APPENDIX A APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE JANUARY 16, 2003 COMMISSION MEETING Public comment: An anonymous member of the public commented that the Minutes did not report details of the discussion of the Approval of the December 19th Minutes s noting that the minutes were reported as amended but that there was no correction of a cited grammatical error nor were Commissioner Coulter’s characterization of this person’s previous comments concerning Martin Paley reported. Mr. Ed Regan commented that his remarks were accurately reported. Mr. Peter Warfield objected to the Minutes lack of detail in the reported discussion of his comments concerning interim library services stating that the Library had broken a promise of case by case consideration of interim branch services by providing alternatives instead. Commission comment: President Higueras inquired if Commissioner Coulter felt his comments concerning the anonymous member of the public’s remarks were properly reported. President Higueras also suggested changing Mr. Warfield’s reported comment to clarify that Mr. Warfield had said that the Library had broken a promise to provide interim services. The Commission Secretary proposed to again review the tape of the discussion of the Minutes at January 16th meeting to see if any revision of the December 19th Minutes was warranted. Motion: Commissioner Streets, seconded by Vice President Steiman that the January 16, 2002 Minutes be approved as amended. Action: AYE 5-0 (Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, Streets, and Strobin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #2 EXCELSIOR BRANCH DESIGN RECOMMENDATION Bond Program Manager Marilyn Thompson introduced discussion of the conceptual design proposed for the Excelsior Branch Library. Ms. Thompson noted that a uniform Public Review Process had been presented to the Commission in January of last year. This process was incorporated into the Design Excellence Program & presented again to the Library Commission in May. It prescribes a minimum level of public design reviews plus a design critique by a panel of peers for each project in this Bond Program. Ms, Thompson reported that the Library had sponsored three neighborhood meetings about library design for the Excelsior Branch renovation, where multiple options and specific plans and materials were discussed. A conceptual design developed from these discussions was now to be presented to a panel of peers for review and comment, then additional public comment, and concluding with review, comments, and possible approval by the Library Commission. The Bond Program Manager pointed out that the Excelsior Branch Library Renovation is a $3.6 million dollar renovation. Ms. Thompson noted it included a seismic upgrade, disabled access elements, technology upgrades, electrical and mechanical improvements, enlarged staff areas, new interior finishes, and a minor 200 square foot addition. Ms. Thompson then introduced Senior Architect Philip Sowers from the Bureau of Architecture, Department of Public Works, Deputy City Librarian Paul Underwood, and peer panel members, planner Hillary Gitelman, architect & interior designer Bryant Rice and architect David Hobstetter, to begin the presentation. Phil Sowers then presented the proposed conceptual design (design documents attached). Deputy City Librarian Paul Underwood then presented the Library’s response to the design. The Deputy City Librarian noted that the Library’s plans were based in the needs assessment that underlay the proposed building program and led to the proposed design. Mr. Underwood pointed out that three key goals, fully integrating the branch library into the community with more Spanish and Chinese language materials and services for all age groups, improving access to technology by providing additional computers and computer training, and revitalizing the branch library as a community focal point with improved services for children, teens, as well as space for seniors formed the basis for the basis for the plan. The Deputy City Librarian next discussed the steps taken to revitalize the branch’s collections noting that while its size would decline from 46, 800 items to 44, 471 that the range of materials provided would better meet the identified needs of the community using the branch. The Peer Panel then presented its Design Review Critique. Mr. Rice pointed out that the project was primarily an interior renovation and called attention to the relocation of programs spaces and the proposed furniture layout that could facilitate multiple uses. Mr. Rice urged simplifying the panels in the central gabled area, the design element giving the building character and suggested larger light fixtures hung off the ridge bream to emphasize the space. Mr. Rice found the overall plan a good improvement and recommended more playful interesting treatment of details. Mr. David Hobstetter recommended efforts to improve the exterior detail to make the building more transparent, disliked the extension of the office space proposed, and suggested that the gabled window be emphasized and more glass be used. Mr. Hobstetter suggested a stronger entry statement and recommended a simple palette of colors in keeping with the period architecture of the building. Mr. Hobstetter also recommended attention to the window treatment noting that square bay windows are more visually accessible. Ms. Hillary Gittleman found the design good and lauded the careful process used to gather input into the design. Ms. Gittleman called attention to the interesting challenges in renovating the existing design and noted that the Mission Street façade needed more attention. Ms. Gittleman suggested strengthening the front door/façade elements in the design and suggested more glazing in the staff corner. Ms. Gittleman recommended playing to the rhythm of the existing building and found the proposed rear designs with more glass and sliding doors were successful. Commissioner Chin joined the meeting during the peer panel presentation. Public comment: An anonymous member of the public mentioned that explanatory documents were not listed and recalled that the design review had been postponed twice noting that this person had received a notice about the design review provided by the Friends &Foundation indicating to this individual who was really in charge. This individual called attention to the distribution of the Excelsior Community meeting minutes in December and suggested that the reduction in the book collection had not been noted. Mr. David Hooper, an Excelsior neighbor, commended library staff’s willingness to discuss possibilities in renovating the branch, but disagreed with and noted that moving the staff workroom could reduce wall space. Mr. Hooper felt that he could do without the window seating and suggested if done that the bottom glass be opaque. Mr. Hooper appreciated the proposed improvements in the entry area and called attention to the noise levels from Mission Street suggesting double doors to reduce noise. Mr. Ed Regan was excited about the new branch and called for more hours of services and the addition of a pamphlet room in the renovated branch. Mr. Tony Sacco, President, New Mission Terrace Association, and longtime library user, found the proposed layout good but expressed his strong belief that libraries are for books. Mr. Sacco noted that low income children without home access to computers could take books home, not computers. Mr. Sacco called attention to the long history of knowledge in books and the ever-changing nature of technology. Mr. Sacco urged that computers not be added to the branch in place of books. Ms. Rebecca Silverberg, recommended against lengthening the windows in the staff area and urged greater efforts be made to keep noise levels down. Ms. Silverberg then read a letter (copy attached) from the Excelsior District Improvement Association urging that the Library rename the community room at the Excelsior Branch Library for neighborhood resident, civic and community leader, small businessman, and former Commissioner and President of the Library Commission Walter Jebe and called for creation of a window box display of historical memorabilia. Mr. Peter Warfield expressed dismay with what he found to be a lack of mention of books in the presentation. Mr. Warfield complained that informational materials were unavailable in advance of the meeting and found the plan reduced book space, a reference desk, and reading tables. Mr. Warfield urged that it not be approved. Commission discussion: Vice President Steiman noted that it would be inaccurate to simply ascribe the reductions in seating and books at the branch to computers noting that a number of factors including the need for seismic safety and to make the building fully accessible that led to the changes. Vice President Steiman further observed that computer services were a vitally needed resource in the community. Vice President Steiman commended staff for its efforts to find ways to add back books into the branch collection through the suggested modifications of the proposed designs. Vice President Steiman expressed concerns with the planned use of carpeting suggesting that hard surfaces might be more practical. Commissioner Chin suggested that adding additional shelf height could provide more space for books. Commissioner Strobin recommended sound-reducing glazing on the windows to further reduce noise. Mr. Sowers and the Deputy City Librarian addressed Vice President Steiman’s concerns with use of carpeting and explained why it was the preferred alternative. Ms. Hildreth noted that carpeting was required on the cellular flooring planned for the branch and that use of such flooring was vital in allowing for expanded connectivity in the branch in the future. In response to a question by Commissioner Streets Ms. Hildreth noted that library users wanted both more books and more access to computers. The City Librarian noted that computer access was very important in low income communities without home access to computers. Ms. Hildreth noted this plan proposed additional computers and a revitalization of the branch book collections to make it more dynamic and responsive, especially in expanded access to Chinese and Spanish language materials the community needs. Chief of Branches Donna Corbeil spoke for branch staff in reporting the extensive review and consideration given to providing additional electronic resources as well as home work assistance and word processing for both youth and seniors. Ms. Corbeil reported that branch staff was working to tailor the collection to what users wanted. Commissioner Coulter recalling previous history expressed concern that any reduction in book collection size provided an opportunity for demagoguery by those with personal political agendas and urged staff to consider alternatives to add back more books. Commissioner Coulter called attention to alternative service provisions envisioned by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and suggested that in view of the problems likely to result from reducing book collections staff should consider adjusting the circulating and reference collection and trading off seating for more shelf space. In response, Mr. Underwood noted that the shelving was at the recommended maximum height and that assistance was planned to be provided to disabled users needing materials out of reach. Mr. Underwood noted that there was a need to balance the expressed needs of the community with the fixed dimensions of the building. In response to a suggestion by Vice President Steiman, Mr. Sowers noted that there was not enough money in the budget to consider enclosing the terrace space. In response to questions by President Higueras, Mr. Sowers discussed the seismic retrofit and building ventilation aspects of the proposed design in some detail. He also informed President Higueras that the proposed solar roof panels could be expected to provide energy for 35 to 40% of the building’s electrical needs. President Higueras recommended more work on the Mission Street façade to make it more celebratory and suggested consideration of a vestibule to reduce outside noise penetration. President Higueras commented that he was skeptical about the window seating, that the program space was hidden in the back, and recommended angling stacks to increase transparency and install skylights in spaces with access to windows. President Higueras further noted that he would be anxious to see how the details of the conceptual design were resolved to maximize the limited space available as well as address concerns and suggestions raised by the peer panel and the Commissioners. In answer to a query by Vice President Steiman, Mr. Underwood noted that the program room could be used for additional seating and that it would also be equipped with laptop computers on roll out carts to provide for training classes and homework help. President Higueras noted that the Commission wanted the Mission Street façade improved. Commissioner Coulter requested staff investigate ways to address the book collection size issue. Motion: Commissioner Chin, seconded by Commissioner Strobin, that the proposed design concept of the Excelsior Branch Library be approved with the understanding that peer review panel and Commissioners’ comments would be taken into consideration as the design is further developed. Ms. Thompson proposed, as with the Mission Bay Branch, to present the next more detailed design to the Commission for its review. President Higueras noted that he would expect to see why or why not comments and suggestions raised during the review were used in the next phase of the project design. Action: AYE 6-0 (Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, Streets, and Strobin) President Higueras called a brief recess at 5:55PM The Commission returned to session at 6:07PM. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #3 BOND PROGRAM MANAGER’S REPORT Ms. Marilyn Thompson, Bond Program Manager reported that there would be no informational presentation at this meeting. She then outlined the Regular Reports, the Budget Report, a Schedule Report, a Site Acquisitions Report, an Active Projects Report, and a Community Outreach Update. Ms. Thompson called attention to the current Budget Report (copy attached) dated 2/20/03 and then recapped changes made in past months. She noted that last month the budget report reflected action taken by the Commission to increase the Ingleside site acquisition budget by $455,000, which came from Program Reserve. The Program Reserve was reported to be $5,074,500.The Bond Program Manager called attention to expenditures and encumbrances through January 31 totaling $10,266,784. Ms. Thompson next reported on the schedule dated 6/20/03 and noted copies were attached to last month’s Commission meeting minutes. She reported that each page showed one phase and all new construction was listed together. Ms. Thompson noted that there had been no changes to the schedules since June 2002. The Bond Program Manager additionally reported that as soon as San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) issued a revised schedule for the redesign of Mission Bay , these schedules would be updated. Ms. Thompson also mentioned as possible future schedule changes resulting from a revised strategy on Prop 14 applications. The Bond Program Manager next presented a Site Acquisitions Report beginning with a status update on the Glen Park Branch. Ms. Thompson reported a resolution was drafted for the Clerk of the Board requesting approval of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Ms. Thompson reported that the Planning Commission had denied an appeal to the Negative Declaration on 12/5/02 , which was appealed to the Board of Supervisors, which denied that appeal on 2/4/03 . The Bond Program Manger commented that the Library was currently working with the Developer to finalize the plans & specifications that define the purchase. Ms. Thompson reported design review of interior tenant improvements could occur sometime this spring or early summer. Regarding the new Mission Bay Branch, Ms. Thompson noted that the Board of Supervisors approved the Purchase and Sale Agreement. The Bond Program Manager reported that the Public Art Selection Panel has selected an art proposal and the Design Excellence Peer Panel had reviewed the schematic design. Ms. Thompson noted however, that the base building, originally expected to break ground this January had been delayed by SFRA. The Bond Program Manager informed the Commissioners that because of the recent downturn in office rental market, SFRA had determined that the office component of the project was no longer financially feasible and requested the developer to re-design the project. This Ms. Thompson reported would delay construction about 6 to 9 months. The Bond Program Manger noted that the Library was participating in the redesign meetings with SFRA & the architects. Ms. Thompson reported that the contractor, Cahill Construction, would issue a Guaranteed Maximum Price when redesign is complete. Regarding the Portola Branch, Ms. Thompson reported that the SFUSD Board approved the sale of the property in November 2002 and that the Library was preparing a Prop 14 (State Library Bond) application for the 3rd cycle due 1/04. Ms. Thompson noted a survey and appraisal were complete and that a geotechnical report was underway. The Bond Program Manager reported two community meetings and a community survey completed and noted that the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process requesting a categorical exemption was underway. Ms. Thompson reported on the juried competition to choose an architect for the project held last month, which included public posting of the entries and a community ballot. The Bond Program Manager announced the selected entry was prepared by the joint venture Stoner Meek with Noll & Tam Architects. Ms. Thompson reported that the Library was entering into contract negotiations that should be complete in the next two months. Ms. Thompson then updated the status of the Ingleside Branch, noting that in December the Library Commission had approved forwarding the purchase of the Sunset Auto property to the Board of Supervisors. The Bond Program Manger reported that a survey, toxics investigation, geotechnical report and appraisal had been completed. Ms. Thompson noted that Department of Public Health had issued a closure letter clearing the property and that the Library was preparing a Prop 14 application for the 3rd cycle due 1/04. The Bond Program Manger then reported a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) determination request to Major Environmental Review had been submitted. She next noted that a juried competition to select an architect was held last month, which included public posting of the entries and a community ballot. Ms Thompson announced the selected entry was prepared by the joint venture Fougeron Architecture with Group 4/ and that the Library was entering into contract negotiations that should be complete in the next two months. Concerning the proposed new Visitacion Valley Branch, Ms. Thompson reported continued investigation of the feasibility of purchasing the Supermarket site at Leland & Rutledge. The Bond Program Manger reported that a community kick-off meeting and community survey had been completed. Concluding her Site Acquisitions update, Ms Thompson noted regarding the Systemwide Support Services center at 190 9th Street that the property sale closed in November and was reflected in the expenditure columns of the budget report. The Bond Program Manager then reported on active projects beginning with Richmond . Ms. Thompson noted that the staff would present a 2nd cycle Prop. 14 (State Library Bond) grant application to the Commission for its review and recommendation of approval to the Board of Supervisors later in the agenda, which is due 3/28/03 . Ms. Thompson reported that the Library had presented the most recent plans to the community on February 13, where they were well received. Ms. Thompson noted that City planning staff had issued a CEQA determination for the project, finding it categorically exempt under Class 3 (new construction less than 10,000 sf) & Class 31 (reconstruction of historical resource in a manner consistent with Secretary of the Interior’s Standards). Ms. Thompson reported that the proposal from artist Scott Donahue was selected February 14 at a public meeting of the Art Selection Panel and that it would go on to the Visual Arts Committee and the full Arts Commission for final approval. She noted that the artist’s proposal is for two mound-like bronze maps to be installed on the exterior, 9th Avenue side. Concerning the Excelsior Branch Ms. Thompson reported that design work as continuing on schedule with the next steps after peer review determination. Concerning the Noe Valley Branch, Ms. Thompson reported that a library plan of service and building program were being developed for the architect’s use and that a Spring design intensive will be held in the community, a mini-version of the Richmond workshop to investigate options available on this tight site with so many historic concerns. The Bond Program Manger reported that the Library had entered into contract negotiations with architect & historic preservationist Carey & Co. Marina - We are developing the plan of service & building program here as well. Ms. Thompson reported that a community meeting was held 1/21, to introduce the architect Tom Eliot Fisch in joint venture with Field Paoli and review the plan of library service. Concerning the Parkside Branch, the Bond program Manager reported that the Library had entered into negotiations with the architectural firm of Thomas Hacker Associates. She noted that in light of extensive community comments and a petition, staff planned to proceed with conceptual design only, and determine the extent of project that the current budget will allow in March or April. Concluding her report, Ms. Thompson highlighted several other issues, noting that RFQs for design services for the first 8 renovations & first 2 new projects had been issued and selections made. Ms. Thompson reported that an RFQ for interior design services program-wide was advertised and a selection had been made. Concerning the Quarterly Report for September thru December 2002, Ms. Thompson reported that it had been published, distributed, and was also available in the back of the auditorium. The Bond Program Manger reported that the Board of Supervisors had appointed a Citizens General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee that had asked the Library to present its methods for bond reporting to them on March 3. Ms. Thompson noted that no upcoming library sponsored community meetings were confirmed and that the Minutes from January’s community meetings were available calling attention to Ingleside and Portola community meetings held 1/18 and a Marina community meeting held 1/21. The Bond Program Manager also called attention to available copies of the BLIP Advisory Committee minutes of 1/8. Ms. Thompson noted that the website had been up and running since October of 2001. She further reported it continued to post as much information as possible at , the branch improvement link from the home page. The Bond Program Manger reported that the fifth edition of the newsletter would be available soon. Public comment: An anonymous member of the public suggested that there was a $1 million overrun to the cost for site acquisition and suggested that the reports be made available in larger typeface. This person expressed a wish that more details noted in outline were reported. Mr. Peter Warfield complained that explanatory documents were not available prior to the meeting and that this was a disservice to the public as the report covered a large amount of material. Mr. Warfield expressed interest in hearing more concerning developments with the Mission Bay Branch and expressed puzzlement concerning why there were questions regarding elimination of planned office space in a project he had understood to be for senior affordable housing. Commission comment: President Higueras suggested that Ms. Thompson include bullet points in future slide presentations of her report. In response to questions by President Higueras, Ms. Thompson reported that bidding for the Excelsior Branch was still planned for the 2nd quarter of 2003 but noted that that could change. President Higueras suggested Ms. Thompson schedule an informational presentation concerning how ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements influenced library design for a future meeting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #4 RICHMOND BRANCH PROP. 14 APPLICATION City Librarian Susan Hildreth presented a detailed overview and discussion of the Plan of Service, Needs Assessment, and Building Plan included in a draft Prop. 14 State Library Bond application prepared for the Richmond Branch Library. Ms. Hildreth noted that a review copy binder of the full application containing the Application, the Needs Assessment, the Plan of Service, and the Building Program was located at the rear of the auditorium and a full copy of the Application and supporting documents would also be available for public review at the Library Commission Office. The City Librarian noted that the proposed plan would expand the size of the Richmond Branch by 4, 000 sq/ ft. providing space for a new teen center and program space as well as making the building fully accessible for disabled users including new accessible restrooms. Ms. Hildreth pointed out that should the proposed Prop. 14 (State Library Bond) application be successful, state bond funds would pay 65% of $8.4 million cost of the project. The City Librarian noted the cost breakdown as $5.1 million from Prop. 14 funds, $2.7 million from Prop A (1988), $261,000 for FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) not allowed to be funded with bond monies from the Friends & Foundation, and a $50,000 public art and relocation budget. Ms. Hildreth remarked that these figures fell within the budget scope for this project. The City Librarian recommended that the Commissioners approve the application and request that the Board of Supervisors approve the proposed Prop. 14 Application so that it could be submitted by the March 28th deadline for the 2nd cycle Prop. 14 grant applications. Ms. Thompson next presented an extensive overview (copy attached) of the proposed approved design for the Richmond Branch Library that resulted from extensive neighborhood input. Ms. Thompson called attention to each of the building’s elevations and discussed aspects of the design changes in the Wintergarden and 2nd floor designs. Deputy City Librarian Paul Underwood then provided a detailed discussion of the Plan of Service and Building program reflecting the findings of the Community Needs Assessment. Mr. Underwood noted that the plan identified the Branch as a community focal point and leading civic institution, a community gathering place, greenspace, and a children’s play area. The Deputy City Librarian called attention to the plans to expend children’s and teen services, increase the branch collections including increases in the availability of more Chinese and Russian language materials, provide a display area for neighborhood history, expand access to technology, and create welcoming space for senior citizens. Public comment: An anonymous member of the public recalled promises of more space for books when the Main Library was built and questioned the exact size of the proposed increase in branch collections. This person commented that they expected any promise of increased collections to be true. This person further expressed reservations concerning the likely success of the Prop. 14 application and questioned the lack of availability of supporting documents. Mr. Peter Warfield expressed disappointment that he had been unable to review the Prop. 14 application documents prior to the Commission meeting. Mr. Warfield felt it was a disservice to the public that documents were not available to study prior to the Commission meeting. Mr. Warfield commented that those who spoke for books had been brushed aside and suggested that in his view there was significant support for making more books the top priority in the proposed branch renovation Commission discussion: Commissioner Coulter found the proposed design an elegant plan and expressed happiness that an expansion of the Branch’s collections was being proposed. Commissioner Coulter noted that everyone, the Commissioners, staff, and members of the public were supporters of books, and that it was unfortunate that some chose to create and exploit false concerns about the Library’s book collections and in order to demagogue on the issue. Commissioner Coulter expressed the Commission’s support for and appreciation of the dedicated hard work staff had made in developing this plan. In response to a query by Vice President Steiman, Mr. Underwood noted that the branch staff was very pleased with the revised plan that incorporated many of their suggestions and had so informed the community. The City Librarian then reviewed for the Commissioner how highly competitive she believed the proposed plan for the Richmond Branch Library would be noting that it would be the 1st Prop. 14 funded renovation of a "Carnegie" library. Additionally, Ms. Hildreth noted that also favoring the application was that the plans called for expansion with space available for more future expansion and that the branch was located in a neighborhood of very great ethnic diversity both important criteria in the Prop. 14 regulations. Commissioner Chin responded to those citing their interpretations of surveys by noting that there were many other voices that were not heard in surveys. President Higueras pointed out that in every branch there would be a struggle to balance competing needs and that the Commission trusted the professional skills of library staff to reconcile these needs. President Higueras suggested that expanded access to computers was the reality for modern libraries and that the bias in making decisions regarding collections should be to serve community needs. Motion: Commissioner Chin, seconded by Commissioner Streets that the resolution requesting Board of Supervisors approval of the proposed Prop. 14 (State Library Bond) application for the Richmond Branch Library be approved. Action: AYE 6-0 (Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, Streets, and Strobin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #5 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FOR BRANCH LIBRARIES Mr. Glen Ramsky, Friends & Foundation Board Member introduced the Friends & Foundation of the San Francisco Public Library’s proposed Capital Campaign for the Branch Libraries. He noted that after extensive discussion and detailed planning the plan as approved by the Friends & Foundation Board was being presented to the Commission seeking its advice, guidance, support and participation. Friends & Foundation Executive Director Martin Gomez then introduced Kathy Bella to present in greater detail (copy attached) a proposed 5 year strategy for the proposed Capital Campaign to raise $16 million for FF&E (furniture, fixtures, & equipment) for the renovated and newly constructed branch libraries. Mr. Gomez then outlined the likely campaign expenditures and well as the campaign’s structure. The FFamp;E Executive Director reported that this would be a grassroots campaign in each of the 24 neighborhoods and discussed the Campaign’s proposed schedule and goals. Mr. Gomez noted that a Campaign Cabinet and Honorary Committee was currently being recruited and sought suggestions for potential members from the Commissioners. Mr. Gomez then outlined the "neighborhood flag" proposal conceived by Commissioner Coulter and planned to develop concurrently with the campaign. The Friends & Foundation Executive Director concluded his presentation with a summary of plans for ongoing monitoring of progress of the Campaign and campaign policies. Public comment: Mr. Ed Regan suggested that branch libraries have tables so that one could stand and read as well as high backed comfortable chairs. Mr. Peter Warfield raised questions regarding the administrative overhead costs charges to the campaign and questioned when the library would receive funds raised during the campaign and what public accounting would be made of them. Commission discussion: Commissioner Coulter lauded the campaign’s good start and urged that the Friends & Foundation not let the current recession deter their efforts noting that $35 million was raised to equip the Main Library during the last recession. Commissioner Coulter pointed out that conducting widespread grassroots campaigns were by their nature more administratively costly but that such efforts to involve the community were important. President Higueras noted that development of a clear process for how funds for FF&E would be allocated would be important and urged the Friends & Foundation to work closely with library staff to insure a smooth process. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #6 PUBLIC COMMENT Ms. Debra Nieman, Friends of Noe Valley, commended library staff for being very cooperative in involving the neighborhood in planning for her branch and suggested that the Library consider the Recreation & Park Department’s model for gathering public input into its long range planning. An anonymous member of the public noted the extensive use of PowerPoint presentations and further discussed Commissioner Coulter’s comments concerning this person’s public comment on the Fuhrman Trust. Mr. Ed Regan suggested that Library public service hours be expanded from 6AM until Midnight 7 days per week 365 days each year and suggested that the lower floors of all the new branches be strengthened so as to allow a second floor to be added. Mr. Peter Warfield seconded the previous request for tables that allowed one to read while standing as well as free standing bookcases. Mr. Warfield thanked the Commissioner who had asked who would be responsible for choosing the furnishing in branches. Mr. John Burket lauded the commitment and very hard work of City Librarian Susan Hildreth and Deputy City Librarian Paul Underwood to prepare plans for the branch library renovations. Mr. Burket also commended Richmond Branch Manger Tim Williams and his staff for working with neighbors to achieve a plan pleasing to all. Commissioner Chin left the meeting at 7:45PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #7 ADJOURNMENT Motion: Commissioner Coulter, seconded by Commissioner Steiman that the meeting be adjourned. Action: AYE-5-0 (Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, Streets, and Strobin) The meeting was adjourned at 7:53PM . Michael Housh, Commission Secretary 3/21/03 Please note: These are draft Minutes subject to change by the Library Commission. Copies of Commission Minutes and handouts are available in the Office of the Commission Secretary, 100 Larkin Street , San Francisco , CA 94102 The number of members of the public who spoke anonymously at this meeting: 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appendix A Library Commission meeting of January 7, 2003 The Public Comment Summary Statements included in these Minutes are authorized by San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.16.. These summary statements are provided by the speaker. Their contents are neither generated by, nor subject to approval or verification of accuracy by, the San Francisco Public Library Commission. The number of members of the public who spoke anonymously at this meeting: 1 Public comment available for viewing in PDF format
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