Library Commission Minutes - July 3, 2001

Minutes of the regular meeting of Tuesday, July 3, 2001 (Approved as amended August 7, 2001) The San Francisco Public Library Commission held its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 3, 2001 in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library. The meeting was called to order at 4: 07PM by President Higueras The following members were noted present: President Higueras, Vice President Steiman, and Commissioners Coulter, Streets, and Swig. The Secretary noted that Commissioner Chin's arrival might be delayed. Commissioner Bautista joined the meeting at 4:10PM AGENDA ITEM #1 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF June 5, 2001 REGULAR COMMISSION MEETING Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #1 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF June 5, 2001 REGULARCOMMISSION MEETING An anonymous member of the public commented that the entire meeting was not recorded on the audio tape nor were public comment summary statements submitted by members of the public posted on the library's website. This person further noted that a comment referring to the radio repeater by Commissioner Bautista had been omitted. This individual also observed that a page 7 grammatically incorrect comment attributed to the anonymous member of the public referring to "digging one's own grave" did not reflect what was said. The anonymous member of the public additionally enumerated several points raised in Mr. Esteves presentation on ebooks that were not noted in the Minutes. Mr. Ed Regan found his comments accurately reported. Mr. Peter Warfield noted that there were both good and bad aspects to the Minutes as reported but cited a page 3 comment attributed to him which did not accurately reflect his comments on the lack of stated objectives for creating more space for books in the new branch library plans. Mr. Warfield also noted that there were a number of points raised in the presentation on ebooks that were not noted in the Minutes nor was the failure of the software to function properly on several occasions during Mr. Esteves' presentation. Mr. Warfield additionally clarified that his comments on ebooks referred specifically to the many failures during Mr. Esteves presentation rather than failures to access ebooks Mr. Warfield had personally experienced. Mr. Warfield agreed with his reported comments related to the need for more exhibitions of materials from the Library's own collections, but noted that he believed that the report of only one such exhibit per year had been made in response to a query by a commissioner. Commission comment on AGENDA ITEM #1 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE JUNE 5, 2001 REGULAR COMMISSION MEETING President Higueras commented that he had reviewed the Minutes from a number of other boards and commissions and that among those the Library Commission's minutes were a reasonable record of its meetings. He noted that the Minutes are intended as a record of the meeting not a complete transcription. He further pointed out that the tapes of each meeting provided a complete record of what occurred. President Higueras also observed that the Minutes properly reflect key facts, data, and dollar sums and that not every comment could be fully recorded. President Higueras suggested that members of the public who wanted detailed reporting of their comments should submit them prior to the meeting so that they could be included. In response to a query by President Higueras, the Commission Secretary proposed to again look into questions regarding gaps in the meeting's audio recording. He also noted that under the Sunshine Ordinance members of the public could submit public comment summary statements in their own words for attachment to the Minutes. The Commission Secretary also discussed the proposed acquisition of a scanner so that public comment summary statements and other materials coming to the Commission in a non-electronic format could be scanned and posted on the Library's website MOTION: by Bautista and Commissioner Swig for approval of the June 5, 2001 Minutes. ACTION: AYE 6-0 (Bautista, Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, Streets, and Swig) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #2 CITY LIBRARIAN'S REPORT City Librarian Susan Hildreth provided the Commissioners with a report on the recent American Library Association (ALA) Annual Meeting that was held in San Francisco in June. The City Librarian informed the Commissioners that more than 25,000 librarians had attended, a record breaking attendance, but noted that the ALA would not be returning to San Francisco again until 2011. Ms. Hildreth mentioned that concerns regarding the cost and availability of the necessary large blocks of hotel rooms, and a reported concern with available exhibit spaces were offered as reasons for not returning to San Francisco sooner. The City Librarian observed that the Library received many visitors and great many compliments from the attending librarians and that in her view the meeting had been a great success. Ms. Hildreth next provided an update on the Library's budget noting that the Board of Supervisors Finance Committee had recommended approval with very few cuts. The City Librarian identified several positions that were taken out of the budget. The City Librarian then reported that the tool lending center, as well as the new positions requested for Project Read and programs and exhibitions had been retained in the budget. Library Finance Director George Nichols confirmed that the Supervisors approved 95% of the items requested by the Library. Ms. Hildreth then discussed the successful results of the Overdue Books Amnesty noting that there had been some success in publicizing the opportunity for patrons to return long overdue materials without any fines. Ms. Hildreth reported that 5,326 items were brought in and that many of these; 4,000 items more than usual were returned, were among those listed as long overdue/assumed lost. The City Librarian noted that the materials returned were valued at more than $100,000. Ms. Hildreth recounted some of the stories associated with the more significantly overdue items such as a reference desk copy of A Glossary of Sea Terms by G. Bradshaw from 1927, Vail and Other Poems by George Russell from 1931 which had only been checked out once and became overdue in June 1931. The City Librarian also discussed two pieces of sheet music returned by Ms. Allie Light that had been borrowed on 1962 by her late husband opera singer Charles Hilder, the subject of her Academy Award winning documentary "In the Shadow of the Stars". Another returned item, Hangtown Ballads published in 1949, Ms. Hildreth noted, had been so interesting that it had been placed immediately in the "New Main to New Millennium" Exhibit in the Jewett Gallery. The City Librarian commended the important support for the Amnesty by famed local cartoonist Phil Frank who contributed cartoons publicizing the Overdue Book Amnesty, artwork for its poster and flyers, and who with his character "Brunhilda" participated at a poster signing event to encourage patrons to return their materials. Ms. Hildreth next turned to recent Prop. 14 (State Library Construction and Improvement Bond) developments noting that the State Library had approved draft regulations and that they were undergoing review by the Office of Administrative Law. The City Librarian mentioned that they would likely become effective in January 2002, with the first applications taken in June 2002. Finally the City Librarian announced that there would be a public hearing on the proposed restoration of No. 19 Polk Street bus stop at the Larkin Street entrance of the Main Library on July 11th from 5:30 to 7:30PM to accept public comment regarding the change. Public comment on Agenda Item #2 CITY LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: An anonymous member of the public commented on the success of the American Library Association, but suggested that more information on the successful embargo of the Marriott Hotel by many participants, including the incoming ALA President forgoing his inaugural ceremonies, would have been welcome. The anonymous member of the public further remarked that the role undertaken by Supervisor Leland Yee in pressing the Library to undertake a fine amnesty should be highlighted. This individual reserved comment on the Board of Supervisor's Finance Committee's handling of the Library Budget to a later time. Mr. Ed Regan expressed happiness at the success of the amnesty, his only reservation being that he would prefer that all fines be abolished. Mr. Regan also called for the development of a list of all lost, stolen, and overdue materials. Mr. Peter Warfield commented that he was glad of the success of the amnesty, noting that the value of an amnesty was measured not only in the value of the books returned but also in out of print items which were returned to the collection. Mr. Warfield decried that the Library did not purchase out of print books to replace those lost despite the reality that sources for purchase of out of print materials were now widely available through web searches. Commission comment on Agenda Item #2 CITY LIBRARIAN'S REPORT In response to questions by Commissioner Coulter, the City Librarian reported annual losses of between 20 to 25,000 items and commented that while the amnesty, the first since 1998, did well its impact on the overall collection was modest. Ms. Hildreth noted that the Library had done a good job getting the word out with more than 12,000 notices being mailed but that this was not the most effective means of maintaining the collection. In answer to another question by Commissioner Coulter, Ms. Hildreth reported that the library sustained losses to the collection of around $500,000 and took in about $450,000 in fines. She further noted that this represented 5% of the annual circulation, a figure similar to other libraries. In response to a question by Commissioner Swig, the City Librarian noted that cost figures for the amnesty were not yet available. In response to questions by President Higueras, Ms. Hildreth identified books on the occult, civil service test books, and Library Security Chief Rachel MacLachlan noted Bibles, westerns, and special black interest novels as those most frequently missing items. In answer to other questions by President Higueras, Ms. Hildreth responded that for the most part the most frequently circulated items were lost in the greater numbers rather than out of print materials in the collection. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #3 BRANCH LIBRARY BOND UPDATE Library Branch Improvement Bond Program Manager Marilyn Thompson outlined recent developments in the Bond program for the Commissioners highlighting the three areas of recent activities, financing, site acquisition, and initial design and engineering. Ms. Thompson reported the June 20th initial bond sale of $17.665 million. Ms. Thompson reported that these funds were expected to be appropriated by the Board of Supervisors by the end of July and applied to site acquisitions for the Glen Park, Visitacion Valley, Ingleside, and Portola Branch Libraries and the design and engineering costs for the first seven projects: Marina, Noe Valley, Parkside, Richmond, Mission Bay, Visitacion Valley, and the Library Support Center. Ms. Thompson then reported on the Library's effort to pursue $10 million in Prop. 14 State Library Construction and Improvement Bond funds for use on branch library projects and noted that the Library had submitted comments on the draft regulations and would aggressively pursue funds when the first $150 million in funds became available in June 2002. The Branch Bond Project Manager next reported on the June 28th Special Commission Meeting held to discuss potential branch library locations in Glen Park and Visitacion Valley noting that the Commission had authorized the Department of Real Estate to investigate and negotiate potential locations at three sites in each neighborhood and to report back its findings to the Commission in much greater detail at the end of August. Regarding the Mission Bay Branch Library, Ms. Thompson outlined ongoing discussions with the Redevelopment Agency concerning a corner location at 4th and Berry Streets for an 8,000 sq. ft. facility on a condominium parcel jointly to be shared with a senior housing development. Ms. Thompson noted that she and Chief of Branches Donna Corbeil had been meeting regularly with Redevelopment and with the designers of the proposed facility to spell out in detail all aspects of the shell facility to be delivered to the Library to house the branch. Finally, Ms. Thompson discussed work on the design schematics for the Richmond Branch Library so that proper documentation could be in place for the first round of competitions for Prop. 14 State Library Construction Bond funds next June. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 BRANCH LIBRARY BOND UPDATE Mr. Ed Regan suggested that the Commission go slow in replacing branch libraries, pointing out that in his view the$2.5 million Ocean View Branch was better that what it replaced but was not open enough hours. Mr. Regan additionally proposed that the library develop a physical plant model of how many sq. ft. it wanted in each branch and recommended that each branch have three levels. Mr. Regan also suggested creation of offices for the branch librarians' in each branch. Commission comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 BRANCH LIBRARY BOND UPDATE In response to a question by Commissioner Streets, Ms. Thompson and the City Librarian discussed in detail the background of what the Library would be required to do to prepare to pursue Prop. 14 State Library Bond funds for the Richmond Branch, identified as the single most expensive branch project in the bond program. The City Librarian commented on the importance of getting Prop. 14 funding, with its 65% state funds to 35% local matching funds in meeting the overall goal of getting $10 million from state funds for branch bond projects. In response to a query by Commissioner Bautista, Ms. Thompson discussed in more detail how the library was working with the developer/designer of the mixed use Mission Bay project to get the best design available for the shell facility that the Library would receive. President Higueras noted that this project was a win/win for the Library, the seniors, and the neighborhood. Ms. Thompson observed that the branch Library would have its own address, own utilities, and that the Library was given a prominent corner location and that the Library staff were working to make sure that the branch library had its identity, own principle entry, and a architecturally distinctive front. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda Item #4 PATRON CONDUCT POLICY The City Librarian introduced discussion of a revised Patron Conduct Policy, Guidelines for Library Use noting that this proposed revision was the product of long and extensive discussions by staff. Ms. Hildreth then introduced Library Security Chief Rachel MacLachlan, who gave an extensive presentation on why staff felt this to be a very important issue. The Library Security Chief pointed out that the original rules for patron conduct had been adopted in 1983, were very legalistic and difficult to understand, and couched in language she felt many parents would be uncomfortable discussing with their children. Ms. MacLachlan observed that the rules needed to be in plain English, that they should eliminate some existing prohibitions which were no longer needed, and they should effectively address the issues which regularly came up. She noted that patrons frequently looked for posted copies or requested copies of the rules. Ms. MacLachlan cited as an example that for many years, with the permission of the City Attorney, the Library has required patrons to wear shirts and shoes while using the library but that this policy was not reflected in the written rules. The Library Security Chief summed up her presentation by stating that the proposed new guidelines would be a wholesale updating and clarifying of the rules, addressing issues which had not be addressed in the past, and eliminating those rules no longer needed. She cited the controversy that ensued with the banning of smoking in the library in 1980 and now the new guidelines requesting that smokers be 10 ft. away from library entrances as the kind of evolution in policy that the proposed rules reflected. Public comment on Agenda Item #4 PATRON CONDUCT POLICY An anonymous member of the public expressed doubt as to whether the presenter had referred to the old rules or the new rules as legalistic and noted that the City Attorney had been said to have commented on them, but that the content of that comment was not reported. This individual found the proposed rules unsuitably vague, mentioning a famous 1980's case in New Jersey relating to a homeless person that a library was forbidden to bar from the library for starring at other patrons. The anonymous member of the public noted that this case established a legal precedent that libraries were public forums that could not restrict access for subjective reasons. Mr. Ed Regan asked that the signs located in the Second Floor Children's Center and children's libraries in the branches restricting access to children and adults accompanied by children be removed. Mr. Regan also recommended that patrons be allowed to take books from the library into the Café area. Ms. Maya Nordberg, a legal advocate for the Coalition for the Homeless expressed concerns that the proposed new rules would not treat all patrons equally, although all users are entitled to be in the library. Ms. Nordberg found that details of the proposed rules would permit disparate treatment, wondering if someone with too strong cologne would be given the same treatment as someone who had no had the opportunity to clean up. She questioned the rule regarding excessive use of bathrooms and asked that it be clarified. She also questioned why persons remaining at the library after closing would be referred to the police. Ms. Nordberg found this a very severe first step in addressing the needs of such people. She also questioned how the rules against sleeping would be applied. Mr. Peter Warfield found it unfortunate that the new rules were being considered without clearly highlighting the changes from and providing copies of the current rules. Mr. Warfield observed that he found the old rules clearly and simply stated and some new rules too vague. Mr. Warfield cited various proposed rules he found objectionable or open to subjective enforcement. Mr. Warfield also found the sanctions included in the new policy too harsh and observed that there were no procedural safeguards or appeal process for those found in violation. Mr. Matthew Fitt, a Hastings Law student, observed that shoes don't seem to be a necessity in the library, and questioned the restrictions on luggage, inquiring if they applied to backpacks. He expressed concern that differing standards might be applied to someone who seemed homeless. Mr. Fitt also raised questions regarding the definition of many of the prohibitions in proposed rules expressing concern that vagueness allowed for differential enforcement. Ms. Susan Mizner, Mayor's Office on Disability expressed several concerns with the proposed rules. Ms. Mizner expressed approval of the policy change from describing guide dogs to the more inclusive service animals. She echoed concerns raised by others regarding how some of the rule might negatively impact those with psychiatric disabilities and suggested that the new policies be phrased as expectations rather than prohibitions. Ms. Mizner cited saying respecting other user's right to the quiet enjoyment of the library as a better approach. She also questioned if the rule concerning "excessive " use of restrooms could pose problems for the disabled. As her final point, Ms. Mizner noted that the prohibition against lying on the floor as problematic for some disabled individuals and suggested that her office would be happy to work with the library to resolve any issues of concern. Librarian Andrea Grimes applauded the updated guidelines and called attention to the over abundance of noise in the Main Library. Ms. Grimes recommended that in addition to the proposed rules on personal communications devices, the Library post signs requesting patrons turn off cell phone and pager ringers to reduce nuisance noise for other patrons and staff. Commission comment on Agenda Item #4 Commissioner Coulter agreed that language phrased as expectations rather than prohibitions might be considered and agreed that patrons should be encouraged to turn off cell phone ringers. Commissioner Coulter further commented that the Library had been in the forefront of providing services to the homeless. Commissioner Coulter recalled the very serious problems that had occurred in the old Main Library and discouraged some patrons from using it. In response to the Commissioner's comments, Library Security Chief Rachel MacLachlan explained that it was the practice of her staff to treat everyone consistently and that every effort was made to accommodate everyone. She noted that Library Security tried to strike a balance in protecting the rights of all library patrons. The Security Chief observed that it was important to make clear to everyone what the Library's expectations for conduct are. Ms. MacLachlan commented that except for some of those raised by the Mayor's Office of Disability all of these issues had been extensively discussed. Ms. MacLachlan suggested that the guideline regarding excessive use of restrooms could be reworded in such a way as to not cause worry to disabled patrons. The Library Security Chief stated that it was behavior that first and foremost determined how library staff responded to these issues. She also clarified that too strong perfume was just a serious a concern as other unpleasant odors. The Security Chief commented that while she appreciated some of the concerns voiced, in her view the proposed rules were a fair way to address these serious problems. In answer to a questions by Commissioner Bautista, Ms. MacLachlan discussed how the Library responded to concerns with misuse of library bathrooms by informing people about public bathing facilities and to illegal skateboarding activity. President Higueras suggested that the guidelines needed some further work, that some of the language may be too broad, and suggested that staff work with the Mayor's Office on Disability to resolve their concerns. The City Librarian proposed to bring a redraft of the guidelines to the Commission in August or September. Library Chief of Branches Donna Corbeil, commented that these rules were designed to serve the entire library system including the branches where there were very serious security concerns. She noted that staff only contacted the police in extreme cases where there was a threat or violence. Ms. Corbeil pointed out that staff made every effort to work with patrons to resolve concerns and that maintaining the security was important. The Chief of Branches noted that since the rules were originally written that circumstances have changed and led to the need for revised rules. Commissioner Chin joined the meeting at 5:31PM. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda item #5 LIBRARY AFFINITY CENTERS UPDATE The City Librarian informed the Commissioners than in response to requests by Commissioners Coulter and Streets that she was proposing that regular reports be made to the Commission concerning the activities of the Library's various affinity centers. Ms. Hildreth then introduced Ms. Estella Manila, Librarian of the Filipino Interest Collection and Center. Ms. Manila gave an extensive report outlining the work of the Filipino Center since its beginning in 1996. Ms. Manila reported increased use of the Center with large numbers of library patrons accessing its collections. Ms. Manila then discussed various Friends and Foundation funded programming that the Center had offered, highlighting musical and cultural programs, literary workshops, author conversations, a special program on Moslem Filipinos, a book launch program, and Filipino American Historical Society programs. The Filipino Center Librarian reported on her activities in the Filipino American Community, and her sharing information at the American Library Association Annual meeting, including two exhibits calling attention to Asian Pacific writers. Ms. Manila pointed with pride to the inclusion of a historic photograph of a Filipino Catholic Club taken during the 1920s in the "New Main to New Millennium" exhibition. She reported that the Center actively sought speakers to help put its Filipino American collections to work and called attention to the Library's proposed efforts to digitize historic photographs of Filipino Americans to make them more widely available. Next the City Librarian introduced Mr. Stuart Shaw, Librarian of the African American center. Mr. Shaw reported that during the past nine months since he had been selected to be the African American Center's librarian that the Center had been very heavily used. Mr. Shaw commented that the Center was very popular not only as a reference center but that it also served as resource to answer questions by community members. Mr. Shaw then reported on several programs which the African American Center would be presenting in the near future, including a program on the book Pale Truth about Mary Ellen Pleasant and a program by the Rev. Tim Taylor, "Reclaiming Family History". Mr. Shaw then discussed the many programs that he had participated in, including the ALA Diversity Fair. The African American Center Librarian then informed the Commission concerning programming in the Center during the past two years, noting that as the Center became better known it was beginning to involve more members of the Community. Mr. Shaw called attention to the Annual Black History programs and reported that the popular "Unsung Heroes" program honoring community leaders in the African American Community would be held this year in November. He reported the Rev. Cecil Williams would be honored. Mr. Shaw called the Commissioners attention to the fact that the Center's Donor Plaque was being updated and that it would be re-installed soon. Public comment on Agenda item#5 LIBRARY AFFINITY CENTERS UPDATE None offered Commission comment on Agenda item #5 LIBRARY AFFINITY CENTERS UPDATE In response to questions by Commissioner Coulter, Mr. Shaw and Ms. Manila discussed their efforts to engage their respective communities in the African American and Filipino American Centers and inform them about the work of the Centers. In response to a comment concerning the relationships with the African American Historical Society and the Schaumburg African American Center at the New York Public Library, Mr. Shaw discussed his efforts to renew ties and to access information available. In response to a query by Commissioner Streets, Mr. Shaw explained in some detail his efforts to get the word out and to network with community leaders and organizations to raise the profile of the African American Center in the Community. Ms. Manila next outlined the 6 or 7 major programs that the Filipino American Center presented each year and called special attention to programming tailored to young adults and children. Ms. Manila then provided a summary of upcoming events that the Center was presenting. Ms. Manila then discussed the Filipino American film and video programs that she was presenting in November and in December reported there would be a program on Filipino Children's books. In response to a question by Commissioner Coulter, Ms. Manila discussed the various percentages of time she devoted to the Center, answering specialized reference questions, and staffing the 5th Floor desk. In response to another question by Commissioner Coulter, Ms. Manila called attention to the extensive Filipino American Collection located in the Excelsior Branch Library, noting that it was both popular and well used by the large Filipino American Community in its neighborhood. In response to similar questions by Commissioner Coulter, Mr. Shaw noted that the amount of time he spends in the Center varies depending on the demands of ongoing programming. Mr. Shaw additionally observed that he did spend time working with branch library staff to sponsor programs at the Bayview, Ocean View, Potrero Hill, and at the Western Addition Branch Libraries. Commissioner Coulter suggested that future presentations by the affinity center staff be done as a panel to facilitate discussion. He further requested that the supervisors of affinity center staff attend these presentations so that they could respond to questions. Commissioner Coulter inquired concerning center programming at branch libraries and also requested a report from the Friends and Foundation concerning its efforts on mainstreaming its outreach and support efforts on behalf of all of the affinity centers. Commission Coulter noted that outreach to the community was vital and wanted to know more about how the Library proposed to increase the quality of its outreach, involve more community leaders, and learn how to improve the centers by learning from successful models elsewhere. Commissioner Chin congratulated the library affinity centers staff for the important work they did for the Library and the community. She then called attention to the fact that the San Francisco Unified School District had just adopted new social studies materials which could be enhanced with the involvement of the specialized affinity centers collections in school programs. Commissioner Bautista praised the Filipino Center's photo and art program honoring the Mnong, Filipino elders and she requested that Commissioners be given information on upcoming programs. President Higueras called a brief recess at 6:22PM The Commission returned to session at 6:29PM. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda item # 6 FRIENDS AND FOUNDATION REPORT Mr. Paul Gormsen presented a brief report on the recent and upcoming activities of the Friends and Foundation calling particular attention to the third anniversary of the merger of the Friends of the Public Library and the Foundation of the San Francisco Public Library. Mr. Gormsen reported on recent activities at the Book Bay at the Main, a SPUR/Chamber of Commerce reception honoring City Librarian Susan Hildreth, and details of the Fall Lecture series beginning in September. Mr. Gormsen then reminded the Commissioners of the 37th Annual Book Sale held this year during September 6th through 9th at Fort Mason Center. Mr. Gormsen then discussed in some detail an architectural charette which the Friends and Foundation were sponsoring in support of generating innovative ideas for the branch library bond program. Mr. Gormsen then discussed the Friends and Foundation activities at ALA and called attention to its support for programming at the various affinity centers. Mr. Gormsen finally discussed ways in which At The Public Library could be improved, in particular by providing more coverage of the affinity centers. Commission comment on Agenda item # 6FRIENDS AND FOUNDATION REPORT In response to a question by President Higueras, Mr. Gormsen reported the dates of the architectural charette would be during October 4-7, 2001. In answer to a query by Commissioner Bautista the Friends and Foundation confirmed its continued support for the Library's summer reading programs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda Item #7 LIBRARY LABOR UNION REPORT None offered -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda item #8 NEW BUSINESS Commissioner Coulter called attention to a recently produced library information pamphlet for parents and children concerning use of and information about the Internet. President Higueras called attention to the cover story in the most recent issue of Library Journal featuring an article on City Librarian Susan Hildreth. Public comment on Agenda item #9 NEW BUSINESS An anonymous member of the public complained of the impoverishment of the amount of information included in mailings to the Commission. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda item #10 PUBLIC COMMENT An anonymous member of the public spoke on the theme of disparate treatment as reflected in the discussion on the patron conduct policy. This individual observed that it is a principle all closed systems will devolve to zero. The anonymous member of the public commented on how British scientist Maxwell's theory addressing this issue had been applied to social circumstances, describing how upper classes benefited by denigrating lower classes. This person further observed that public libraries were instituted in our society to provide a source of universal education to help people cross the social barriers created by class. This individual suggested that these barriers themselves created a sense among some people that they were aristocrats. Mr. Ed Regan requested that the Library adopt public service hours from 6AM to Midnight seven days per week, 365 days per year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda Item #11 ADJOURNMENT MOTION: by Commissioner Chin, seconded by Commissioner Bautista that the meeting be adjourned in memory of the late Betty Schwabacher, an esteemed former librarian, children's librarian, and branch library manager. ACTION: AYE 6-0 (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, and Swig) The meeting was adjourned at 6:41PM. Michael Housh, Commission Secretary 8/8/01 The number of members of the public who spoke anonymously at this meeting 1.
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