Gays, Germany, and the Holocaust

The Rise and Fall of a Gay and Lesbian Movement
Adam, Barry D.
New York: Twayne Publishers, c1995
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Aimee and Jaguar
[New York]: Zeitgeist Video, 2001, c1998
An Underground Life: Memoirs of a Gay Jew in Nazi Berlin
Beck, Gad
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Sex and Society in Nazi Germany
Bleuel, Hans Peter
Philadelphia: Lippincott, [1973]
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Desire: Sexuality in Germany, 1910-1945
[New York?]: Water Bearer Films, c1992
Damned Strong Love: The True Story of Willi G. and Stephan K.: A Novel
Dijk, Lutz van
New York: Holt, 1995
TEEN F Dijk Lut
Aimee and Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943
Fischer, Erica
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The German Officer's Boy
Greene, Harlan
Madison: University of Wisconsin/Terrace Books, 2005
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The Men With the Pink Triangle: The True Life- and Death Stories of Homosexuals in the Nazi Death Camps
Heger, Heinz
Boston: Alyson Publications, 1994
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100 Years of the Gay Rights Movement in Germany
Herrn, Rainier
New York: Goethe-Institut New York, c1997
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Hidden Holocaust? : Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Germany, 1933-1945
Gunter Grau, editor
Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, [c1995?]
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The Sexual History of the World War
Hirschfeld, Magnus
New York: Cadillac Pub. Co., c1946
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The Berlin Stories
Isherwood, Christopher
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The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party
Lively, Scott Eric
Keiser, OR: Founders Pub. Corp., [1997]
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The Hidden Hitler
Machtan, Lothar
New York: Basic Books, c2001
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I Am My Own Woman: The Outlaw Life of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, Berlin's Most Distinguished Transvestite
Mahlsdorf, Charlotte von
Pittsburgh, PA: Cleis Press, 1995
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Paragraph 175
Produced and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
New York: New Yorker Video, 2002, 2000
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The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against the Homosexuals
Plant, Richard
New York: H. Holt, c1986.
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Sexual Politics in the Third Reich: The Persecution of Homosexuals During the Holocaust
Porter, Jack Nusan
"Newton, MA: Spencer Press, 1995
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The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals
Rector, Frank
New York: Stein and Day, 1981
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Behold a Pale Horse: A Novel of Homosexuals in the Nazi Holocaust
Reed, Lannon
San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1985
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Walk the Night: A Novel of Gays in the Holocaust
Reinhart, Robert C.
Boston: Alyson Publications, c1994
Days of Masquerade: Life Stories of Lesbians During the Third Reich
Schoppmann, Claudia
New York: Columbia University Press, c1996
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I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual: A Memoir of Nazi Terror
Seel, Pierre
New York: Basic Books, c1995
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Sherman, Martin
New York: Avon Books, [1980] c1979
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Tory’s Tuesday
Silva, Linda Kay
San Diego: Paradigm Pub., 1992
Clifford’s Blues
Williams, John Alfred
Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1999
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Wir hatten ein grosses A am bein = We were marked with a big A
[Washington, D.C.]: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, c1994.
Magnus Hirschfeld: A Portrait of a Pioneer in Sexology
Wolff, Charlotte
London: Quartet Books, LTD, 1987
Gay Resistance: Homosexuals in the Anti-Nazi Underground
Young, Ian
Toronto: Stubblejumper Press, 1985
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Middle Ground
Zilinsky, Ursula
London: GMP, 1987, c1968
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