From Harvey Milk to Joe Campbell

Looking for a job in San Juan, Puerto Rico - March [8], 1963

Letter from Harvey Milk to Joe CampbellFriday Night Dear Joesan- Forgive the green ink (no other was available this p.m.)--I realize that I spent only 3 days here looking for a job--but almost everyone told me I would be foolish to try any longer for the only jobs that are to be had (if they are good ones) are for people who can speak English & Spanish. So I’m giving up & going to Miami Beach tomorrow. With what luck that I have left I’ll try there. I realize this is my own problem--but it is still hard to realize how deep it goes--I’ll have to get out of it myself somehow--well that’s my problem--I miss you very much & hope you realize how much I do love you------- With all my love Harveysan

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