From Harvey Milk to Joe Campbell

Arrived in Miami - March 10, 1963

Letter from Harvey Milk to Joe Campbell

(Front) Western Union 1963 MAR 10 PM 2 :41

Joe Frank Campbell 444 Central Park West Apt 14G NYK

My neurotic self and I have arrived at third rate Viriginian Hotel in most jam packed and slightly gay Miami Beach. Work seems to be available for non jewish and non spanish speaking individuals must confess that I like this warm warm weather and crotons. Regards to all the boys. Harvey

Letter from Joe Campbell to Harvey Milk

(Back) rec’d letters and tele.... much appreciated....I’ll write..should receive Wed or Thurs (the letter)...Things same here..cold, snowing and sleet only one croton and he would like the sun as much as I would..please don't be depressed--I worry about you very much and am completely confident in your success regards to your father

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