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Programa de Lectura Veraniega para Adultos - 2010

The English Horses and Burn English

A pair of great books about an expert horseman in late 1800's New Mexico, these books are best read in sequence. The first book,"The English Horses," introduces the character named Burn English; "Burn English continues his story. The books illustrate the rough, hard life that people led in the old west. These are not cliche westerns, but portray a sensitive man who is in tune with nature, living through important turning points in history. The first book tells of the damage caused to animals and people when barbed wire was first installed to delineate property boundaries. In the second book the new invention called the automobile appears. This provides the historical backdrop for a touching story of a man of integrity and wisdom.

Claire Bain - Main Library

Rowing the Atlantic : lessons learned on the open ocean

The book started off slow and the content felt rather trite but as I continued to follow the author's (Roz Savage) story I realized how incredible her story was. I enjoyed reading about how Roz insisted on rowing independent of any support - even for food and water. It was a great book to read in support of the adult reading theme (water) Dive into a Good Book!

Terry Gwiazdowski - Chinatown

Love in Mid Air

I didn't expect to like Kim Wright's "Love in Mid Air" as much as I did. It is the story of a woman going through a midlife crisis. With any story of midlife crisis you can expect a few cliches: discontent in marriage, the lure of an affair, regret and lessons learned. And this novel has all of those things, and yet it is remarkably fresh and truthful. The protagonist, Elyse Bearden, meets a man on a plane. Both are married with kids, and yet they unabashedly connect. Soon they are having an affair. Elyse keeps this information from her circle of women friends, her clueless husband, and certainly her young daughter. Elyse is forced to look at her life and marriage and decide where to go next. Earlier this year I read the similarly themed "The Wife's Tale" by Lori Lansens. "Love in Mid Air" is much better. It is so honest that I felt at times like I was reading someone's memoir. The prose is not stellar, but it is a very engrossing read.

Alex Nichols - Chinatown

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