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Your toddler learns an average of 10 new words each day. Share books, talk, and sing to make his vocabulary blossom.

"Read three stories a day: one favorite, one familiar, and one new." Mem Fox

When you take the time to respond to your toddler’s attempts at talking, you’re teaching her how conversation works.

When you talk about the story and pictures, your child hears and learns new words.

Have fun saying rhymes and make up your own silly rhymes together.

Toddlers love to talk and play. Important language skills develop by age three. Use this window of opportunity by encouraging your toddler’s word skills through talking, singing, reciting rhymes, playing games, sharing books, and listening to music together.

Play Let your child “read” a book, which might mean playing with it or showing it to her toys. Exploring books is one of the first steps to pre-reading.

Talk While getting him ready for bed, talk about all the things he did during his day, who he saw, and what he will do tomorrow.

SingTurn daily tasks into meaningful experiences with songs and rhymes. Try singing “The Wheels on the Bus” with your child while waiting for Muni.

Read When reading with your child, ask her questions about the story and wait for her to respond. Nurture her interest in books by reading her favorites again and again.

Research shows that if you surround your toddler with enjoyable experiences with books and language, he will be better prepared for kindergarten and reading.

It’s never too early or too late to start sharing books, rhymes, and songs with your toddler.

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