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Preschoolers gain an average of 50 new words each month. Reading picture stories together nurture your child’s vocabulary growth.

Sharing books, songs, nursery rhymes everywhere you go, whether it’s at home, at the store, in the library, or at the park.

Telling or retelling a story helps your child understand what she read.

Share books about things your child likes.

Vocabulary is learned more from book sharing than from normal conversation with adults.

Preschoolers talk more than ever. Your child’s communication skills grow more complex every day. Playing, talking, singing, and reading are fun, effective ways to expand vocabulary and increase language skills.

Play Act out stories together: stories from his imagination, stories from your childhood, stories from books. Let your child be the Director and the Star.

Talk Your child enjoys talking, the sillier the better! Let her invent words and jokes. Encourage this wordplay by inventing some new words yourself. Everyone has fun in a good conversation.

Sing Sing familiar songs with your child. Replace key words with rhyming ones - Row, Row, Row Your Boat becomes Row, Row, Row Your Goat. Make up movements to go with the new words.

Read Let your child “read” a favorite book to you by retelling the story in his own words. He may even have it memorized word for word.

Research shows that if you tell stories, talk about words, and sing songs and rhymes with your preschooler, she will be better prepared for kindergarten and reading.

It’s never too early or too late to start sharing books, rhymes, and songs with your preschooler.

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