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2007年,The Frameline 舊金山國際同志電影節捐贈了所有這個電影節的資料收藏給舊金山市立圖書館的Hormel同性戀中心, 收藏包括了從未放映過的電影。由於大多數這些電影收藏的所使用格式已處在惡化的邊緣,2001年6月,圖書館同灣區視頻聯盟(簡稱BAVC)合作,開始進行將這些資料數碼化,以保存和展示這個珍貴的收藏。圖書館一貫致力於將這些寶貴的資源給研究人 員,歷史學家和普羅大眾享用。

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frameline@the Library HighlightLesbians: The Invisible Minority
KGO-TV Special takes us back to San Francisco when Lesbians were creating their own restaurants, bookstores, bars and unique places they could define for themselves. USA, 1981, 27:18 min
frameline@the Library HighlightOut of the Shadows (1990)
Documentary portrait of black gay and transgender men in Washington D.C. narrated by poet Essex Hemphill. USA, 1990 23:34 min
frameline@the Library HighlightYou Can Know All I Am
One of few documentaries of the mid 1980s, it combines interviews, archival footage and photos to convey stories of lesbian herstory and lives. USA, 1986 49:05 min

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Title Director Country Year
Kerstin AhlitchsGermany1998
Fenton BaileyUSA2000
Machiko SaitoUSA1998
Caroline Sheldon1985
Marc HuestisUSA2001
Catherine MullerSouth Africa2003
Mark Kenneth WoodsCanada2002