The Language of Flowers 類似的選擇

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Diary of a Teenage Girl book cover
Phoebe Gloeckner
The story unfolds in the libertine atmosphere of the 1970s San Francisco, but the significance of Minnie's effort to understand herself and her world is universal. In this unusual novel, artist and writer Gloeckner presents a pivotal year in a girl's life, recounted in diary pages and illustrations, with full narrative sequences in comics form.
book cover
Clane Hayward
Originally self-published as a novel, this memoir up to age 13 is written by a girl born in San Francisco just before the Summer of Love and raised in hippie communes throughout the west. Amidst complex relationships and uncertain rules, Clane forges a childhood in this honest tale.
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Janet Fitch
White Oleander is the unforgettable story of Astrid's journey through a series of foster homes and her efforts to find a place herself in impossible circumstances. With determination and humor, Astrid confronts the challenges of loneliness and poverty, and strives to learn who a motherless child in an indifferent world can become.
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Summer Wood
Elegant, warm-hearted and utterly unsentimental, Wrecker, set in 1960s San Francisco and Humboldt County, is a stunning and deeply moving novel about motherhood and mistakes, survival and hope.