Golden Gate 的類似作品

book coverLearn more about San Francisco’s most famous bridge:

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Donald MacDonald and Ira Nadel
This accessible account is accompanied by 70 of MacDonald's own charming color illustrations, making it easy to understand how the bridge was designed and constructed. A fascinating study for those interested in architecture, design, or anyone with a soft spot for San Francisco.
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David Blockley
Bridge building is a magnificent example of the practical use of science. As Blockley shows in this illuminating book, engineers must go beyond science, blending technical experience and creativity to build the spans that connect us all.
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Anne Merritt
In black-and-white photography, this photo book details the history of the bridge from its design and construction to recent times. Nearly 200 rarely seen images offer a compelling look at the bridge, from the days when the treacherous currents of the Golden Gate could be crossed only by boat to the rise of the bridge as a national landmark.
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John van der Zee
In a narrative richly laden with detail and the flavor of the period, John van der Zee reveals the complete history of the longest single-span suspension bridge of its time--including the identity of the man who actually designed it, which has been obscured since its completion in 1937.