The Circle Of Loving Companions


This section covers the period when Hay and John Burnside became lovers, their activism in pre- and post-Stonewall Gay liberation, the running of their kaleidoscope business,  their move to New Mexico, their activity on behalf of Native American rights, and Hay’s rediscovery by a new generation of lesbian and gay activists.

Harry Hay and John Burnside with a friend’s dog, 1965

Harry Hay with John Burnside in 1965

Harry and John met in 1963 and lived together as partners and loving companions until Hay's death in 2002.

A Contribution to the Principles of Gay Liberation, 1970

Harry Hay with John Burnside in 1965
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Harry found renewed engagement with the new spirit of radicalism among young gay and lesbian activists following the Stonewall Riots in New York in June of 1969.

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