San Francisco/Russian Interest (in English)

San-Frantsisko i drugie grafstva Zaliva= San Francisco and other counties of the Bay Area
Akopdzhanian, Rafael

This well-written, reliable and professionally published travel guide has quickly become a favorite of the Russian-speaking readers of the Bay Area and beyond.

Russkaia rechka v doline Semi Lun= The Russian River in the Valley of Seven Moons
Dunaev, Vladislav

In his new book, Vladislav Dunaev, a well-known Russian journalist and orientalist now residing in the Bay Area, tells the history of the Russian presence in California, the southernmost point of the Imperial Russia’s peaceful expansion. The topics range from personal to the historical, from the romantic encounter of the great Russian diplomat Count Nikolai Rezanov with the beautiful Concepcion Arguello (the daughter of Spanish Governor of Alta California) to Russian Hollywood stars Natalie Wood and Yul Brynner, as well as the life of the contemporary Russian-speaking community. The narrative speaks to the importance of the contributions made by Russian Americans to the United States, making the Russian culture a valid part of the broader American spectrum.

Russkii San-Frantsisko= Russian San Francisco
Khisamutdinov, Amir

This is a historical guide to the places associated with the Russian community in San Francisco and the Bay Area, with heritage spanning over 200 years. The narrative tracks the lives of Russian-Americans of various historical periods. It is based on facts gathered by the author in California over the past 15 years, as well as materials from various archives and repositories across the United States and Russia.

Russkie v istorii Ameriki = Russians in the history of America
Petrov, Viktor

The first written accounts indicate that the first Europeans to reach Alaska came from Russia. Russian America was the name of Russian possessions in the Americas from 1733 to 1867 that today are the U.S. state of Alaska and settlements farther south in California and Hawaii. In this volume Viktor Petrov, an outstanding Russian American historian and geographer, describes the discovery of the "Russian America" by the Russian explorers and discusses their expeditions to California and the Pacific Northwest. He continues his overview of the history of Russian America through the end of the 19th century.

Russkie v Amerike : XX vek = Russians in America : 20th Century
Petrov, Viktor

This volumes continues Russkie v istorii Ameriki focusing on the Russian American experience in the 20th century. The author discusses outstanding contributions made by various Russian Americans to the cultural and technological advancement of the American nation.

Odnoetazhnaia Amerika = One Storey America
Pozner, Vladimir

Based on Vladimir Pozner’s sixteen-episode documentary mini-series One Storey America, this volume continues a long tradition of Russian intellectuals’ travelogues about their trips and experiences in the West.

Gorod moego serdtsa = The City of My Heart
Smotrich-Targan, Polina

This is a book about the two beautiful sea-facing cities that the author considers to be the two most romantic cities in the world – San Francisco, where she now makes her home and Odessa, where she came from.

San Frantsisko : putevoditel’, ocherki = San Francisco : travel guide, essays
Smotrich-Targan, Polina

This book consists of two parts. The first one is a detailed and reliable guide, complete with information and directions for walking tours of San Francisco and using public transportation for sightseeing. Essays comprising the second part elucidate history, culture and architecture of the City By the Bay.

Kubanets v Kalifornii : zapiski zhurnalista = The Cossack of the Kuban in California: journalistic essays
Stepanchenko, Dmitrii

This is a collection of essays about the history of the Russian diaspora of San Francisco and California of the "first" and "second" waves of Russian immigration into the United States. Most of these people had to escape their beloved country when it was being torn apart by conflict in the post-revolution and after-World War II periods.

Fort Ross
Poletaev, Dmitrii

In this new novel crafted in the genre of time-travel fantasy, the popular Russian author and TV journalist touches on some intriguing issues of Russian America’s history. The dynamic plot and engaging characters make it is a fascinating and thought-provoking read.

Russian San Francisco
Zaverukha, Lydia B. ; Bogdan, Nina

Even before San Francisco was founded as a city, Russian visitors, explorers, and scientists sailed to the area and made contact with both the indigenous people and representatives of the Spanish government. Although the Russian commercial colony of Fort Ross closed in 1842, the Russian presence in San Francisco continued and the community expanded to include churches, societies, businesses, and newspapers. Today the 75,000 Russian speakers who live in the San Francisco Bay Area continue to pass on their heritage to their children.

Fort Ross and the Sonoma coast
Kalani, Lyn ; Sweedler, Sarah

The Kashaya Indians made foot trails through the grassy mountain slopes of Sonoma's northern coast for centuries before colonists from the Russian-American Company arrived in 1812. These Russians, the vanguard of European settlement, built Fort Ross from virgin redwood on a bluff overlooking the sea. Although they stayed only 30 years, they left behind a heritage that includes the earliest detailed scientific and ethnographic studies of the area and California's first ships and windmills.

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