Musicians and Performing Artists File - B

B Team (Musical group)

Back in the Saddle (Musical group)

Baker, Jo (Singer) 1/10

Bacon, Ernest (Composer)

Bacon, Madi (Choir director)
xx San Francisco Boys Chorus (vf)

Baez, Joan (Folksinger)
REF 784.5 ZR618m: 83-99

Bailey, Donald "Duck" (Jazz drummer)

Baillie, Bruce (Filmmaker)
xxMoving Pictures (vf)

Baker, Kathy (Actress)

Baker, Winifred (Choral director)
xx Choruses (vf)

Balakrishnan, David (Violinist)
xx Turtle Island String Quartet

Bales, Burt (d.Oct 26 1989) (Jazz pianist)
S.F. Chronicle (obit) Oct 31 1989: C-6

Balin, Marty & Bodacious (Musical group)
x Bodacious (Musical group)
xx Jefferson Starship (Musical group)

Ball, William (Founder and General Director of A.C.T.)
xx American Conservatory Theatre (vf)

Ballard, Carroll (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Banducci, Enrico (Nightclub owner)
xx Hungry I (vf)

Banhart, Devendra (singer/songwriter)

Baptiste, MagaƱa (Belly Dancer)

Barclay, Michael (Opera educator)
x Opera Education West (vf)

Bargeld, Blixa (Musician)

Barkan, Todd (Jazz club proprietor)
See also: Keystone Korner (vf)

Barnes, George (Jazz guitarist)

Baron, Blaire (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Barsky, Tim (Musician) 4/14

Bassnectar (Musical Group) 2/16

See: Orquesta Batachanga

Bay Area Jazz Composers Orchestra

Bay Brass (Musical group)

Beach, Scott (Actor, radio host)
See also: The Committee (vf)

Beal, Tandy (Choreographer)

Beat, The (Musical group)
REF 784.5 ZB173n: 66

Beatnigs (Musical group)
See also: Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

Beats Antique (Musical Group)

Beau Brummels (Musical group)
See: Valentino, Sal

Bebop & Beyond (Musical group)
xx Martin, Mel
xx Handy, John

Becker, Dan (Composer)

Becker, Rob (Comedian)

Belasco, David (Producer, actor and showman)

Bell, Bill (Artist, physicist)

Bell, W. Kamau (Comic) 3/16

Bellows, Beverly (Harpist)

Belson, Jordan (Filmmaker)
See: Artists' vf

Benbrook, Michael (1961-2003) (Drag performer)

Bendorff, Bob (Composer and pianist)

Bening, Annette (Actress)

Bennett, Red (Composer)

Bennett, Tony (singer/songwriter)

Benson, Ray (Country singer, composer)
See also: Asleep at the Wheel (Musical group)

Berman, Joanna (Dancer)

Berry, Mick (Performer) 4/14

Bertram, Jim (Guitarist)

Beverly, Frankie
See: Maze (Musical group)

Biafra, Jello
See: Dead Kennedys (Musical group)

Big Bang Beat
See: Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra

Big Brother and the Holding Company (Musical group)
xx Joplin, Janis

Bigelow, Kathryn (Filmmaker) 2/16

Bilt, Peter
See: Peter Bilt

Bishop, Elvin (Blues guitarist)

Biskind, Joseph (Critic and librarian)

Bitton, Raquel (Vocalist)

Black, Dave (Drummer)

Black, Kerrigan (Folklorist, vocalist, composer)

Black, Kevin (Dance promoter)

Black, Shirley Temple
See: Temple, Shirley

Blackman, Sean (Actor)

Blakley, Ronee (Folksinger, actress)

Blank, Harrod (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Blank, Les (Filmmaker)
x Flower Films (vf)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)
For film rental/descriptions see Canyon Cinema Catalog v.5 + Suppl. ROOM REF. 16.7925 C169

Blank, Samuel (Sammy) (Jazz trombonist)

Blank, Stu (Electric organist, blues vocalist, composer)

Blazing Redheads (Musical group)

Bleiweiss, Nancy (Musical comedy vocalist)
See also: Beach Blanket Babylon (vf)

Bleu, Don (Radio broadcaster)

Bloch, Ernest (Composer)
(Ernest Bloch Society, Star Route, Gualala, California 95445)
Horizon (Winter 1976): 39-47 [Photographic Portfolio]
Strings (Spring 1988): 21-25

Blomstedt, Herbert (Conductor)
xx San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (vf)

Bloomfield, Arthur (Critic)
x Artists' File
x Music Reference
x Art Critics (vf)
x Dance Critics (vf)
x Music Critics (vf)

Bloomfield, Mike (d. Feb 15,1981, age 38, San Francisco) (Blues guitarist, vocalist)
See also: REF. 787.6 ZSa34g: 231+

Blue, Ira (Radio host)

Blue Ridge Rangers
See: Fogerty, John

Bluethenthal, Anne (Choreographer)

Blum, Margot (Vocalist)

Bo Grumpus (Musical group)

Bobby & I
See: Fishler, Ken & Bobby

The Bobs (A cappella quartet)

Bodacious (Musical group)
See: Balin, Marty & Bodacious

Bogart, Seth (Musician) 2/11
x Hunx and his Punx

Boitano, Brian (ice-skater)

Bolet, Jorge (Pianist) 1/10

Bond, Pat (Actress, comedian)

Bonetti, David (Critic)

Bonus, Don (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Boone, Charles (Composer)

Borden, Barbara (Percussionist)

Bossi, Benjamin & Salant, Norman (Tenor saxophonists)
x Salant, Norman
See also: Romeo Void

Bostrom, Denise (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Bowden, John (Filmmaker) 4/14

Boykin, Brenda (Blues vocalist)

Botticellis (Musical Group)

Boynton, Sulgwynn
See: Quitzow, Sulgwynn Boynton

Bradshaw, Frazer (Filmmaker) 3/16

Brandon, Michael (Adult Film Actor) 1/11

Brass Band (Musical group)

Bratt, Peter (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Braun, Edgar (Conductor)
xx San Francisco Chamber Orchestra (vf)

Braxton, Anthony (Jazz instrumentalist and composer)

Brody, Joshua Raoul
See also: The Stupeds
See also: Rick and Ruby

Brooks, Stella (Jazz vocalist)

Bright, Dick (Orchestra leader)

Bromberg, David (Instrumentalist)

Broughton, James (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)
For film rental/descriptions see Canyon Cinema Catalog ROOM REF. 16.7925 C169 v.5 + Suppl.

Broussard, Jules (Jazz saxophonist)

Brown, Blanche (Dance instructor)

Brown, Charles (Rhythm and blues pianist, composer)

Brown, Corrick (Conductor)

Brown, Patricia Jean (Pianist)

Brown, Toni
See: Joy of Cooking (Musical group)

Brown and Coffee (Comedy team)
(Julie Brown and Charlie Coffee)

Brubeck, Dave (Jazz pianist and composer)

Bruno, Ellen (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Buchla, Donald (Maker of computerized musical instruments)

Buckley, Richard (Conductor)

Buelteman, Anne (Vocalist)

Buffalo, Norton (Rock vocalist, harmonica player)

Bui, Tony (Filmmaker)

Bundick, Chaz (Musician) 2/16

Burch, Bobby
See: Fishler, Ken & Bobby

Burton, Stephen Douglas (Composer)

Burke, Cheryl (Dancer)

Bussotti, Carlo (Pianist)

Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs (Musical group)

Butler, June MacCloy (Actress)

Butzen, Jerry (d. Dec 26, 1984, San Francisco) (Jazz Trombonist)
S.F. Chronicle (obit) Jan 1, 1985

Bybee, Ariel (Vocalist)

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