On the Same Page: Trail of Lightning

January - February 2019
book coverTrail of Lightning
Rebecca Roanhorse

The Diné people (Navajo) and their land have survived the cataclysmic floods that now cover much of the earth, and Dinétah (formerly the Navajo reservation) is one of the few remaining places where humans can survive. In this climate-change post-apocalypse, gods and monsters from the old stories have awakened and arisen and roam the remaining land. Maggie is a Dinétah monster hunter, chasing the ruthless creatures alone, after having been abandoned by her mentor. And though she is strong, she is challenged by her personal and spiritual trauma. A search for a missing person grows into something much larger and darker than Maggie initially realizes, as a new type of monster begins to appear. Enlisting the assistance of a strange medicine man, she battles mortals and immortals, and begins to piece together clues from old legends to discover the immense challenge and the high stakes involved.

Peopled with gods, monsters, tricksters and medicine men, this fast-paced, adventurous read with a strong Native American voice will get readers’ hearts racing. Rebecca Roanhorse is a winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards for best short story. Trail of Lightning is her debut novel.

About the Author

Rebecca Roanhorse
Rebecca Roanhorse is a speculative fiction writer, based in Northern New Mexico. Her background is Ohkay Owingeh/Black, Navajo in-law.
“They are all locals, Navajos, or Diné as we call ourselves… And now they are looking to me to be their hero. But I’m no hero. I’m more of a last resort, a scorched-earth policy.” - Maggie Hoskie
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