On the Same Page: The Wanderers

March - April 2019
book coverThe Wanderers
Meg Howrey

Three astronauts—Helen Kane, Yoshihiro Tanaka and Sergei Kuznetsov—train to go to Mars. The astronauts spend 17 months together in a highly realistic Mars simulation, including takeoff, landing and performing various experiments on their "Martian" surroundings. The astronauts are each from different countries—the U.S., Japan, and Russia—and learn how to form relationships with each other in the tight enclosure of their Mars simulation. They also have regular contact with their family members who all feature prominently in this book. The lines between what is real and what is the simulation get blurred, so Helen, Yoshi, and Sergei must work together to solve the wrinkles that come up in their time together.

About the Author

Meg Howrey
Photo: David Zaugh
Meg Howrey, is a former dancer who performed with the Joffrey Ballet and City Ballet of Los Angeles, as well as on Broadway. She has written two previous novels The Cranes Dance and Blind Sight and co-authored the bestselling novel City of Dark Magic.

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