Economics, Finance, Investing, and Labor Resources

Economics & Business Materials

Materials on the following topics are available in print and electronic resources. Staff and information services are available to assist at the Business, Science and Technology Center.

  • 330 Economics
  • 331 Labor economics
  • 332 Financial economics
  • 333 Economics of land & energy
  • 334 Cooperatives
  • 335 Socialism & related systems
  • 336 Public finance
  • 337 International economics
  • 338 Production
  • 339 Macroeconomics & related topics

Investing and Personal Finance

Stock Research

  • Investment Advisory Newsletters
    Investment advisory newsletters are kept at the 4th Floor Paging Desk of the Main Library. To allow broad access to these materials, use of investment advisory newsletters is limited to 2 current issue binders and 4 back issues for 30 minutes.

Call to make sure a current issue is available: (415) 557-4400. Ask for the Business Desk.

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