San Francisco Public Library

Library Celebrates at Tet Festival!

9:00 - 4:00

Bibliotecas Ambulantes - Servicios de Asistencia

750 Brannan Street (main entrance is on Boardman)

Sun, 2/3/2013, 9:00 - 4:00 PM
Ellis between Larkin and Hyde  Streets
The Tet Festival is the biggest event for the Vietnamese Community of the San Francisco. The San Francisco Public Library will be there to celebrate and welcome the Year of the Snake.

Visitors can hop on the Green Bookmobile. Get a library card, check out a good book, learn about library resources and programs, or just chill for a bit in the mobile library. Vietnamese-speaking staff on board.

 Find the big blue bookmobile at

Ellis between Larkin and Hyde  Streets

From 9am to 4pm

The Green Bookmobile runs on 20 percent biodiesel and is specially equipped with 4 solar panels, Fantastic Vents for green AC, skylights for natural light, sustainably forested wood, recycled content in carpet, and a hybrid generator (turning off when fully charged and back on when charge gets low). It has a special Green Stacks collection as well as a variety of juvenile, teen and adult materials available for check out with an SFPL library card.

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