San Francisco Public Library

Tender Souls

9/15/18 - 1/13/2019

Main Library

Skylight Gallery Exhibit Area - 6th Floor

100 Larkin St.

Tender Souls is an exploration of the humanity of one of San Francisco's most misunderstood and often ignored neighborhoods, the Tenderloin. Riddled with severe homelessness, mental illness, drugs, violence, and prostitution, the Tenderloin is often characterized as a major blemish on one of the world’s most attractive cities. However, beneath the surface rests a soul unlike any other community in San Francisco. Created by photographers Brenton Gieser and Felix Uribe, the Tender Souls Project aims to create a bridge to Market Street and the Tenderloin neighborhood through still photographs and audiovisuals so that people can begin to understand an integral part of San Francisco they don't usually see or visit. This exhibit highlights the lives of multiple community members through series of photographs and transcriptions from the Tender Souls Project. These photographs reflect the vibrancy, determination, and soul of the Tenderloin community as well as tell stories of extreme suffering, unspeakable tragedy, triumph and redemption, and unconditional love. This exhibition, and the Tender Souls Project as a whole, hopes to provide a platform from which the Tenderloin community can narrate their own story.

Banner image by Felix Uribe.

Opening Event: Sunday, September 16, 2018, 1:00 pm, Koret Auditorium, Main Library.

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