San Francisco Public Library

Interactive Workshop on Cross-Cultural Communication

5:30 - 7:30

Main Library

Learning Studio - 5th Floor

100 Larkin St.

Interested in communicating more effectively especially with culturally diverse audiences? In today’s changing world, it is more important than ever to articulate in clear compelling all-inclusive ways that will engage our listeners and create mutual understanding. In this way we can create a more courteous, harmonious and civilized world.

Through this workshop you will become more culturally aware and confident in your interactions with those whom you perceive as different.

In this fun and engaging workshop:

Learn how culture influences behaviors.

Understand causes for cross-cultural communication breakdown.

Understand social structure & decision-making process in different cultures.

Learn different communication styles in varied cultures.

Learn strategies for effective cross-cultural communication.

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Sharmila Ghosh has been an independent Cultural Competency Trainer & Consultant since 2003. As a facilitator and trainer, she brings extensive experience in training managers, engineers, physicians, and police officers in cultural competency and cross-cultural communication issues. She has in-depth knowledge in training and development, as well as profound understanding of a wide variety of cultural perspectives. She is highly experienced in coaching both groups and individuals in appreciating diversity, building and maintaining cohesive multicultural work teams. She provides practical tools that create impactful cross-cultural communications. Ms. Ghosh was nominated “Women of the Year, 2005,” by Indus Women Leaders!

Professional Background of Ms. Ghosh:                                                 

·       M.A. in Intercultural Relations: Lesley University, Boston, Massachusetts

·       One-year Certification in Organizational Behavior: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

·       Training Design for International and Multicultural Programs and Facilitating Intercultural Discovery

      Intercultural Institute, Oregon

·       Leadership for Future Program: National Conference for Community and Justice, Providence, Rhode Island

·       Managing Diversity in Organizations and Strategies for Cross-Cultural Training:Zurich University of Applied            Science, Winterthur, Switzerland

·       Culture in the Workplace, ITAP International, London, UK

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