San Francisco Public Library

Computer-Based Assistive Technology User Rules

Assistive technology is provided to make San Francisco Public Library resources accessible for people with disabilities. Equipment and software in AT rooms can be used to search in the SFPL catalog and research databases and the Internet. AT also can be used to produce documents, scan text and read it using a screen reader and/or reading programs such as Open Book, etc.

Assistive technology equipment in the AT rooms and study rooms is to be used only by people with disabilities who are unable to use standard library computers.

Registered users may use assistive technology equipment in the AT rooms for up to two hours per day.

Misuse of equipment, damage to equipment, or disruption of library service can result in a person being banned from using the Library’s assistive technology equipment.

The Library will not provide support for:

(No image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photopaint are installed on any public computers.)

Data should be saved only onto a USB flash drive.

The Library does not accept donations of equipment or software.

Food, beverages (other than water in a closed container) and smoking are not permitted.