San Francisco Public Library


Photos pictures and visual materials will be scanned into TIFF type files.

Scanning costs
Type Costs
Existing data scanning 300 dpi TIFF (online database) $ 15.00
New data scanning 300 dpi TIFF (no electronic filing) $ 20.00
New data scanning 600 dpi TIFF $ 35.00
New Data Scan 1200 dpi TIFF $ 50.00
4000 ppi TIFF new data scanning slides, negatives, glass negatives $ 35.00
Freight Price
CD discs charges $ 1.00
Freight $ 3.00
FTP Free

Apply to the historic center of San Francisco Library, please email: , phone: 415-557-4567, or visit the library on the sixth floor in the opening hours of the historic center.

All images are limited to personal enjoyment purposes. Such as has not been allowed any reproduction, redistribution, re-publication, exhibition or for any other purpose is prohibited. To request permission, please fill out the appropriate forms and submit them to the municipal library in the historic center of San Francisco.